Last Practice


She plays it all! Volleyball in the fall. Basketball in the winter. Softball in the spring. Yesterday was the last softball practice–the last sport of the school year!–for the season. Today will be the final game. No more sports!!!!

Until it starts all over in August….

I usually pick her up after practice, but yesterday she forgot her bat bag. Practice lasts two hours after school. There’s not much point driving over there to bring her the bat bag then coming home then going back. I’d spend half the two hours driving back and forth, which is a waste of gas plus hard on my car with our rough road. So I stayed. I brought my camera. I was going to take pictures of her practicing. But I work hard. I’m a farmer. I laid down in the back seat and fell asleep. So… Oh, well! I took a picture of her walking off the field at the end….


  1. CherShots says:

    OMG ~ you actually slowed down long enough for a nap. Bout time! God only knows what you will come up with now that you’re recharged! lol

  2. Andrea Bowling says:

    I just hope they don’t get rained out today. My daughter is looking forward to playing today. She is # 13 on the team. The girls have had a wonderful season this year and have came a long way from last year. I am very proud of them.

  3. CindyP says:

    An afternoon nap! Wonderful! You deserve it!

  4. CindyP says:

    Good luck on your game today, Morgan!!!! :shimmy:

  5. Nancy in Iowa says:

    She looks so determined, and her arms are soooo toned! Morgan, you must be an awesome athlete!!!

  6. northcountrygirl says:

    Good luck, Morgan! Hope your team wins.

  7. Leah says:

    Good to know I’m not the only one who needs a nap in the afternoon once in awhile. Looks like Morgan is gettin around good,hope her leg dosent bother her any.

  8. jan~n~tn says:

    A well deserved two hour nap! YEAH!!

  9. Shelly says:

    Morgan must be very tired after practice!

  10. lavenderblue says:

    “I laid down in the backseat and fell asleep”. The same thing happened to my husband at our son’s track meet. The boy does hurdles and for some reason the two events that he does has a huge time gap in between. Hubby saw the first one, went to the car because it was chilly and fell sound asleep. Luckily, my daughter was there and woke him in time.

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