Late Last Night


Late yesterday evening, my internet randomly started working again. Morgan discovered it, since I’d long since given up on it. There’s something wrong with the way they have the satellite signal set, and also something wrong with my modem–which they were supposed to replace last time, and I thought they did, but apparently they didn’t. I’m not sure how long I’ll be online today–I actually cancelled my satellite internet service after the technician called me, scheduled for an appointment between noon and 5, and informed me that he would be out to my house at 1:30 a.m. Coincidentally, that’s usually when I’m sleeping. I called the internet provider and they were, to their credit, dismayed about their technician and agreed to let me cancel my service without any termination charges. It’s time to try something else. I’ve had both HughesNet and WildBlue satellite internet, and I’m just done there. Recently, Frontier brought DSL down my road so I have another option. I don’t expect it to be fantastic, but it can’t be worse. I’ve got a DSL installation scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday). So in other words, my account is cancelled and yet my internet oddly started working–so I don’t know how long it will work today.

Between the derecho putting me out of power and internet off and on for two weeks earlier in the summer, and two prolonged internet outages this month, it’s been an unusually rough summer for me with internet access interfering with my ability to get work done. When I’m offline, I can’t work, and when I get back online, I’m behind everywhere. By the time I almost catch back up, I’m offline again, it seems.

Anyway, so I get back online to the following email:

“I have loved your blog, and been following it for a long time, but the intermittent posts have ended it for me. It isn’t the outage, I have the same problem myself, I am rural also, it is just that you never up date your categories. There is very rarely anything new on your website lately. I certainly understand that with you family and businesses, and animals and all. I wish you well, and realize that you probably don’t receive much income from this source and have to devote your time to other, more profitable ventures. I had wished you the same success as the Pioneer Woman, ( your writing speaks to me more than hers), but that was not to be. Good luck Suzanne, you are a great writer, Mom, and blogger, thanks.”

Really? Seriously? Note: I post every single day on my Daily Farm page (this page) and I post most days on one of my other blog category pages–as in, most days I post twice a day. I generally “take weekends off” and only post on my Daily Farm page, and if things are really hectic, sometimes during the week a super busy day means only a post on my Daily Farm page. Otherwise on weekdays, I put up two posts.

Actually, having just come off another five-day internet outage over which I had no control and which has put me out of work and behind everywhere, I really can’t think of anything else to say about this email. Maybe I’m supposed to be flattered? I’ll work on that. Right now, I’m a little stressed because I’m behind everywhere and I’m not sure when my internet is going to be cut off again today. I will be back for sure sometime tomorrow after DSL is installed. Thanks for bearing with me.


  1. KrazE says:

    I think you and your writing is worth being patient for during times of internet outages and the craziness that is called life. You’re not a blog machine for heaven sakes!

    Thank you for the time you put in to everything we get to enjoy on CITR, I for one certainly appreciate it.

  2. Mim says:

    Suzanne…I, too, enjoy reading your posts daily but would never stop checking in on your blog just because you hadn’t posted anything… I know that when you do post that you will get us caught up on the happenings at Sassafras Farms. I am amazed that you do find the time to post..especially with the internet service….Keep up the posts.. :wave:

  3. Snapper119 says:

    Wow…maybe that e-mailer needs to hit the library. πŸ˜‰
    Good luck with the new internet service this week. πŸ™‚

  4. Dumbcatluvr says:

    Suzanne, there are some seriously crazy people in this world. :shocked:

  5. CindyP says:

    Yay for internet, at least for the moment! Hopefully DSL will cooperate with you nicer…it at least doesn’t rely on a satellite and being able to “see” something.

    Don’t sweat the email. It upsets me even, but don’t put any mind to it. Most people understands it takes time to write a blog post, even with internet, and you don’t have staff to write them for you 8)

  6. JustJane says:

    To the email writer – walk one week in HER workboot and see how many posts you can churn out each day.

    Suzanne – you wear me out sometimes with all you do! Remember you cannot please all the people all the time. Those who love you understand – those who don’t understand don’t matter. You do an awesome job NEVER EVER let anyone tell you otherwise. You have really found yourself at this new place and it shows in everything you do. Don’t stress over being a little behind – we regulars understand whats going on and are patiently waiting for you to get caught up. All things in good time. Thats what farm life is about. It’s not rush rush rush – that’s city life.

    Take a deep breath – and we will be here when you are – ALWAYS

  7. pensiero says:

    Ignore the haters! We love you and will continue to check in. We know by this time, that when there are no posts…there is no internet!

  8. MMHoney says:

    Life is lived one day at a time.
    Remember: If you want God to laugh ~ Make plans.

  9. lauren says:

    ??? I dont understand that email.. I cant believe how much you are able to do in a day then to write about it! Im doing good just to get through the day πŸ™‚

  10. Rah says:

    As a college professor who teaches about family stress, I can tell you that you would blow the lid off of just about any stress measure there is, given what you have had to deal with during the past year: separation, death, moving, starting up multifaceted personal business, theft, children leaving home, children beginning college, it just goes on and on. So when you don’t post as often as I like (and that’s not criticism–just a measure of how much I enjoy reading), I remind myself that it is amazing that you are walking upright and functioning. Hang in there and don’t let a nay sayer get you down. Too bad that commenter didn’t put his/her energy into offering a guest post. Best wishes on getting your feet back under you, and your internet back in service! We’re here for you.

  11. YelloJelloBelly says:

    Keep your head up. There’s some line about satisfying all of the people all of time making you dead…or something like that…. :sun:

  12. ladybird_1959 says:

    Suzanne, my first reaction was, I hope you responded to the email and blasted the person from whom it came. Then my second reaction was, why bother, that person needs to get a life and a lesson in manners. I check daily to see if you have posted anything new. Am I disappointed when I don’t find anything? Sure, but I keep checking back. I think it was just rude of that person to send you an email such as that. They need to get a life. There are thousands of blogs out there and I’m sure they don’t post every day. There is another blog I follow and that lady doesn’t post but once or twice a week. I would never send anyone an email telling them I’m not going to read their blog again. RIDICULOUS!

  13. mebr1 says:

    I have never posted before, but I feel the need to post something. I don’t know how you do everything that you do. I love your posts. You have brightened many a day for me. I admire the way you live and the work you do. My suggestion email that person back and tell them to get a life. You are my hero, go girl

  14. Old Geezer says:

    Textbook case of “damning with faint praise.”

    Nothing new recently? Nothing new about Shortcake and Zip? Nothing new about Glory Bee?

    Oh, I know. The bread recipe has been up too long. That’s gotta be it. But, that is some darn good bread there. So it deserves to be up.

  15. twiggityNDgoats says:

    Wow that’s too bad about wild blue. I have their exceed service and it works well for me and it pretty fast most of the time. I did have to do a reboot of my router and modem to clear the cache when mine stopped connecting. The tech support line had me up and going in no time.

  16. Cheryl LeMay says:

    I don’t think that emailer lives in the same reality the rest of us do. If that person loves your writing like they say they do, they’d stick around for it. I’m patient. I know real life throws curve balls – sometimes lots of them all at once. I know your writing will be there. For the record, your blog is the ONLY blog I read on a daily basis. I will always wait for your posts.

  17. Nanaof4 says:

    I agree with everyone here…I can’t believe you are able to do all you do and then are able to write/post photos everyday, wow! My life is not half as hectic but there are weeks I’m trying to catch up reading your blog!

    On a side note: I have had both cable internet and DSL…DSL is much more reliable and there are no penalties should you decide to download movies, etc. because with DSL, you aren’t sharing bandwidth, it’s all yours! I love it and think you will be very surprised how really fast it is!

    Now, I’m off to catch up reading your blog posts… :wave:

  18. GA_in_GA says:

    Talk about cutting off her nose to spite her face!!! Since you don’t post as frequently as demanded, she won’t read anything you’ve written?!?! Puuulleeeeeze!!!

    I have trouble keeping up with your posts some days, as my LIFE gets in the way. But when I do find time, I savor what I find.

    You are certainly have a real life, which at times provides amusing fodder and at times the sad parts. But your life, Suzanne, should never give way to the blogger. Even if the blogger pays the bills. Life should be lived as if there is no tomorrow, IMO.

  19. kathynindy says:

    I for one will never leave unless you kick me off. You can send the blog my carrier pigeon snail mail whatever I look forward to your post even when you make me cry. Keep up the good work.

  20. lattelady says:

    Sheesh. I would bet that the emailer is lurking today and has had her ears burned. :dancingmonster:

  21. Jane L says:

    I wouldn’t lose a seconds sleep over anyone else’s expectations for YOUR blog! It always annoys me when people (and I include myself) are rude to others on their blog. If you want to quit reading (yeah, right) then just don’t click here. No need to vent your frustrations on Suzanne.

  22. mamawolf says:

    When there is no post I check out the forum and FB. There is always something to be learned on CITR. Like everyone else who commented today I an in awe of all you do in a 24 hour period. If I had just 1:20 of your energy I could get my canning done in record time! Hang in there Suzanne, post when you can and we will still be here.l

  23. Auntie Linda says:

    I don’t know how you deal with some of the emails you get – and I’m sure we don’t read about half of them – but you don’t owe anyone anything. Please ignore the ignorant.

    You have a fantastic blog, and I look forward to every post. They are all entertaining and beautifully written And nowhere does it say that you’re obligated to share your life with us every day. Just keep doing what you have been doing, and know there are plenty of people who understand and are on your side.

  24. Claudia W says:

    I would neer leave your side!!! Never! I am sure that the emailer was having a difficult day and will reconsider. He/She should come back and check it out again and again and again. They don’t know the fun they will be missing. Not to mention the encouragment and knowledge they will gain! Love you to pieces, Suzanne!

  25. Darlene in North GA says:

    Wow, obviously, this person does NOT write a blog of her own! If she did, she’d realize how much time it takes to write just one post and you normally write more than one a day. Oh, well. Her loss.

    Dear email-writer: There’s a thing called a RSS feed. Use it and you don’t have to keep checking the website. It TELLS you when your favorite blog(s)have updated. Then you can do something else while the feed takes care of updates. Perhaps if you were engaged in your OWN life, you’d not be so sour that Suzanne doesn’t post “often” enough to suit you!

    Don’t let her get you down, Suzanne, you do a great job.

  26. fowlers says:

    Okay, wow; either they are “Stalking Material” or don’t have much of a life?? like you ?? nice words: but w/ a sharp tone, Yeah: welp sorry for them::: just leaves more of you for the rest of us! lol””” and I’m not planning on going anywhere: I love chatting w/ folks on here,,,I’ve learned quite a bit since I found this sight! I for one Love it: Love you! love the animals and hell even your dang silly teanagers:::love it:::ok, I’m not a stalker by the way:::just wanted to get that out of there::

    ps::I will be comeing out there; I’m hoping some day! I swear!!! I want to move to WV::but my hub wont (sad face)

  27. twiggityNDgoats says:

    Forgot to add that I agree with everyone. You do have a life and a farm to run and I’m always amazed how much you get done. Hope Frontier works out for you.

  28. cherylinwv says:

    It absolutely amazes me how rude people can be! Suzanne, you can only do what you can do, when you can do it and I think you do a wonderful job with your blog!! Pay no attention to “Debbie Downer” and keep up the great work! :hug:

  29. shirley T says:

    Hey suzanne, don’t sweat the small stuff, and that e-mailer is SO small stuff. Remember the saying “Those who mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind”. We who matter shall stand steadfast.

  30. Darlene says:

    I am in agreement with all the above. I question as to who this person really is and what exactly is their agenda.

  31. FreedomValleyFarm says:

    You just can’t please everyone. The point is you aren’t just writing about farm life, you are living it! I love your site. But sometimes I’m so busy with my farm, I don’t even have time to read all of your posts. You have the best job in the world…don’t let anyone take the joy out of it.

  32. CATRAY44 says:

    Pay no mind to that note. You are doing just fine! In fact, take a few days and catch up~we will wait! :happyflower:

  33. steakandeggs says:

    Well Suzanne I just don’t understand why people on the internet think they have the right to hurt other people’s feelings. He/She must have been having a bad day, but that’s no reason to take it out on you. I LOVE your blog, and want to thank you for letting us (your blog followers go along on the ride)

    When I first started reading your blog I had it bookmarked under Farming Blogs. Now it is bookmarked under CITR because there are so may things in your blog I want to find with just a click of the button. I really don’t know how you do it all.

  34. Lindy says:

    Forget about it!!!! Pioneer woman has a ghost writer for her blog and well, hands down, YOU are sooooo much better!!! You truly are keeping it real! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!


  35. AngelaS says:

    I check your column nearly every day. If there is something new, great. If not, oh well. There are a lot of old postings to read if I have time. Love you, Suzanne. Aren’t people funny? Makes you wonder what else is going on in that person ‘s life.

  36. wvhomecanner says:

    well my reaction is πŸ˜† seriously?

    Last I checked, the info/reading material on this site is, ummm FREE?!

    And I call such comments a “left handed compliment” at best.



  37. beforethedawn says:

    What a pathetic email. Don’t let it bother you, you are worth more than one person’s ignorant opinions. πŸ™‚

  38. Ramona Slocum says:

    I wouldn’t give up on you no matter what. I enjoy your site too much. I feel a kinship with you. I understand outages. I lived on a farm too. I have lots of patience.
    Mona Slocum/Evers

  39. Joell says:

    It seems like every so often, some nitwit writes a screwball email such as the one you qouted, would’nt you love to know how many of these idiotic email she spreads around? She must be a very unfulfilled person with not much going in her life –she should get a life, she is probably still reading your blog just to see if you mentioned her email.
    For those of us that have followed you from the begining, we all know that you post more than most any blogger out there, I haevnot read that many, but your is always up to date, and as you say, sometimes you post more than once a day.
    You just keep on keepin on, those that follow you salute you! :yes:

  40. brookdale says:

    Wow, Suzanne, it takes all kinds doesn’t it? Just ignore the disgruntled ex-reader. Be assured that WE all love you and reading your many posts.
    Sure hope the new internet provider will be satisfactory.
    While you were off line, it gave me a chance to read lots of the old posts without worrying that I was missing some new stuff! Love the “More Posts You Might Enjoy” feature that keeps changing, there’s always something I’d missed in the past or wanted to enjoy again. And, thanks for the link to all the “cow” posts, some of them were new to me as well.
    Keep up the good work! Wish I could come to the retreat and party, I know everyone will have a fantastic time. And NO flooded rivers and streams to cross to get home.

  41. Holly in MO says:

    I look forward to reading each and every one of your posts….they make me laugh, cry, learn new things, have ahhaa moments and brighten my days. Keep on! You are awesome!!

  42. Andrea.tat says:

    I think your posting schedule is just fine, and even where there isn’t a new post there is a lot of content on here between old posts, recipes, and the forumn. I can entertain myself for hours. It’s a tad rude to stop wishing someone success because their posting schedule doesn’t fit what you want. I hereby double the amount of success I wish you! :sun:

  43. robinswoods says:

    Suzanne, I too had my fling with both WIldBlue and HughesNet, satellite originally being my only option in our very rural neighborhood. DSL finally moved in and I’ve never looked back… you won’t believe how much faster it is, not to mention that weather related outages will be few and far between. Thank goodness you can finally get it!

    I agree with all the above as well. I am totally in awe of the life you have created for yourself. The person who sent you that email needs a reality check (and should be ashamed of themselves). “Pioneer Woman” as she calls herself, may be more “successful”, but she also has a staff to write her blog, help her with her photography, homeschool her kids for her, etc, and wouldn’t know “real”if it bit her in the butt. There’s no comparison to be made.

  44. WvSky says:


    No more presents, no more family dinner, no more Christmas tree!

    If it cant come every day, I’m OUT! :hissyfit:

  45. nursemary says:

    I feel your internet pain Suzanne. After two years of struggling with HughesNet I finally went to the expense of installing a T1 line. I cancelled it after a week because, if you can believe this, it was worse than HughesNet! I didn’t even know that was possible. I can’t post as often as I like on my blog either because most days the connection is too slow to show images. I just get blue question marks instead. We are currently considering a move to a single level home and when I do, internet service is a MUST!

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy everything you post. Well, maybe not the preg checker posts. πŸ™‚


  46. VikingMiss says:

    I think you’ll like Frontier DSL. We live in an area with a lot of choices, but for a while it was only Comcast or satellite. When Verizon (now Frontier) got here, we jumped ship. It’s been a few years, and only a few glitches, but nothing that that wasn’t fixable within the day.

    I’m thinking that the emailer might be confused with your site’s layout. I know I like having posts come up in a reader and then coming here–that way I know I won’t be missing anything in a category. Don’t take it to heart.

  47. micowood says:

    Seriously someone wrote this email? Not only extremely RUDE but if you are not posting enough to satisfy her appetite she must lead an extremely boring life. Being a single Mother, on a working farm HOLEY SCHMOLEY I can’t believe you post as much as you do!

  48. The High Altitude Tea Duchess says:

    People are fickle. What can you do? when I lose followers I wonder why but maybe it is a good thing they do not leave lengthy explanations. I mean really…usually their reasons are weak and the explanation seems there more to hurt than to be constructive so why bother?
    I love your blog and and will read it until the day you decide to stop blogging. A side note, why does my spell-check flag the words, ‘blog’ and ‘blogging’ does the person who programmed it not know about blogs?!

  49. VikingMiss says:

    HA! I just had one more thought that isn’t as nice as my previous… maybe the emailer just wants endless give-a-ways and photo contests as content instead of the real stuff? She can have it if she is actually comparing your with pw. I’ll take Glory Bee, Grandmothers bread, and you any day! Or… maybe the emailer should start their own site and keep it fresh every half hour?

  50. Karen H says:

    I also am surprised that you can do so much on your farm and post on the internet. I would never be able to do all that you do in one day. Just ignore the negative person. They are very wrong and your are better off without them. The rest of us love you and your pictures and comments. You are doing a great job.

  51. STH says:

    I’m so glad you posted that entitled, passive-aggressive e-mail so that we all could have an opportunity to tell you how great we think you are! Love you, love your blog, and send you big hugs!

    Have a good day, Suzanne!

  52. gaea303 says:

    I’m always grateful for what, when, and how you you decide about your life to share with us! It is your REAL life, so I think most of us understand that the realness of life can get in the way of blog posts. :hug:

  53. foofeee says:

    I enjoy your posts and understand when you can’t post. I miss you when you are gone, but I’m not leaving because you don’t post daily due to internet (or life) issues. I check every morning and will continue to do so. I also read Pioneer Woman and comparing you to her isn’t fair. She has a number of people who post on her website for her, maintaining her Homeschool, Kitchen, Photography, and Entertainment pages. Her pages are NOT updated daily either. You are almost a one woman show! I identify more with you and enjoy your work very much. Keep up the blogging and know that there are those of us who will be very patient with everything you are doing!

  54. SanAntonioSue says:

    My Mama, who is almost 80, has always told me: “There are some people in the world who are just born complainers. They wake up and go to bed having done nothing in between but complain, gripe and try to make others miserable the whole live long day. It doesn’t matter what you try to do for ’em, they’ll never be happy or satisfied. Good riddance, I say!!” Suzanne, I started reading your blog over 3 years ago while in the midst of a deep, deep depression after a serious, life-threatening illness. I’m positive that it was divine intervention that brought me to your blog on that particular day. Your blog has brought me nothing but joy and inspired me to get up and get on with life, as wonderful and messy as it may be. IMO, you don’t need to change a thing!! I think all of us here totally understand that you are busy doing the very things you need to do in order to be able to write about your experiences (you know…when you’re not laying on the couch in your peignoir, painting your nails while eating bon-bons and watching Judge Judy ;-). So please don’t give that e-mail another thought. We love you just the way you are!! ((hugs))

  55. Jan Hodges says:

    Good riddance to that person. I think you have done a pretty amazing jobs keeping posts coming through all the issues you’ve had this summer.

  56. RosieJo says:

    What in the world do they expect from you? You must hear from all the crazy ones out there. I’m sure you could write a book…get it?…you could write a book… I love your blog! Keep up the good work, but maybe, think about updating your banner and colors. Something a little more colorful, cheerful…

  57. RosieJo says:

    I’m going to keep coming back, regardless…

  58. MousE says:

    Hi Suzanne, I am sorry to hear about this email and that it distresses you. Sometimes people just don’t think. Email makes me cringe sometimes because it’s so easy to press send and then you want to take it back but once it’s on the internet it’s there forever. People are human, they make mistakes. I’ve certainly learned this by sending emails that I wish I hadn’t, and I’m sure everyone has experienced that at least once. This is how we learn net etiquette, I think.

    I would chalk this up to a mistake, a momentary impulse, shrug, and move on. Don’t take it to heart. Delete, and move on. I know, that’s easy to say…..

    Meanwhile please know that there are lots of us out here who love reading your blog, and you always let us know when you are offline – which means a trip for you to someone who has internet to make a post saying you are offline, which certainly says that you care about your readers!

    And I for one will be sticking around, as I love your blog and am grateful you share all your adventures with all us strangers out here in the internet.

    I do hope the DSL works out for you! And that the new modem works. When I moved to my new place, I got DSL, and they provided a modem which didn’t work very well but they gave me another. Then I upgraded my router and boy what a difference. I use a Mac, and bought their expensive Airport Extreme and have never had a problem since. It was worth the money to not have to do resets all the time. Anyway good luck to you! And please keep writing.

    Sorry for the long comment. :snoopy: Glad to see you are back and hasn’t it been a crazy summer?

  59. joeyfulnoise says:

    Well, you just can’t please all the people all of the time. But – you please me every day when I tune into your blog – even if there is ‘nothing new’ on the home page, there is always lots and lots I have missed in the past to go through and learn from. So, thank you so much for the time that you do spend to enlighten, educate, and entertain the rest of us.

  60. MousE says:


    I love what SanAntonioSue said! Well done. :sheep:

  61. gardnerh says:

    Wow – I can’t agree more with the comments preceding mine. I really enjoy your posts and seeing life on the other side of the country. I see each like a lovely piece of mail and if the mail doesn’t come everyday then I just go on about my business and try the next day. Thanks for the posts and the giggles, I’ve needed them this summer.

  62. Karen Patrick says:

    Yours is the only blog that I read on anything like a regular basis but if I check in and there is nothing new, I don’t get upset, I just think that you must be really busy, or there is nothing worth writing about, and I check later. Don’t let one bitter person get you down. Everyone else here is positive and enjoys your work immensely. All of us wish you well and will stick with – no matter what. Just keep doing what you do and we’ll keep doing what we do. You write and we’ll read.

  63. wannabee says:

    I agree the person might be stalking material and not getting the satisfaction they need or just a drama queen, either way not worthy of a response.

  64. bonita says:

    tally up another grateful reader…whenever you get to it is fine. . . You didn’t sign a contract w/readers. . . we get the benefit of your humor, wisdom, insight, photos, and farm-y observations for free. And then there’s the forum…and FBR. I can’t wrap my head around that email. It’s so wrong on so many levels.

    You’ll love DSL. Just remember to to check your speed (Speakeasy Speed Test) once in a while. It won’t be the max, but it should not be less than half of what you’re promised. Coincidentally I’m getting a DSL upgrade this week so I will have faster uploads for mss with photos..

  65. cacieleanne says:

    :sheep: Well, I hope after over 60 comments praising you and your blog, that you realize how much everyone loves CITR!!! It’s sad that there are people like this “emailer”, but what can you do? I’m glad you posted it so we can all chime in at your defense and get a good laugh out of the completely ridiculous things they said. You and the animals bring alot of happiness to alot of people. Thank you for what you do!

  66. NancyL says:

    Good grief, what is wrong with that woman?!! I don’t often post anymore, but that’s my own problem, not yours. I read you every day – or at least check to see if the internet predators have released you!! You and the kids and animals are like a second family to me. In fact – you are second in line in my blog favorites. Only my daughter’s blog can surpass you in the lineup, but I don’t even click on hers now. Due to her busy photography business and toddler motherhood, plus many other things, she has gone on hiatus from her blog. But I would NEVER remove her – she’ll be back one day! And I check yours daily for the same reason.

    Love you!!!

  67. denny144 says:

    I suspect the person has a problem with their Internet settings. Occasionally, I’ve had issues when visiting sites that I know are updated daily, if not hourly, yet show only old material. I even had this happen with the Weather Channel. I wish I could think of how I fixed the problem, but you probably don’t want to respond to the reader and even if you did, they’d probably resent being shown that it was all their fault.

  68. scollard says:

    She writes you a letter to tell you she’s going elsewhere and to scold you for not posting more often? Geez — some people! We, your loyal readers, love your blog as it is. It’s always a thrill to find a new posting, so that I can live vicariously through your adventures. CITR is the only blog I read regularly. :sun:

  69. SanAntonioSue says:

    Awww thanks :-), MousE!!…Even my rough-n-tough groom of 28+ years, who will NEVER admit to any interest in any blog, asks me at least weekly ” so what’s been happening lately on that Chicken Lady’s page?”. I think he secretly believes Suzanne’s blog is partially responsible for helping to bring me out of my “dark days”. For that she will always have his undying respect and gratitude, which is not easily earned. πŸ™‚

  70. Berrywin says:

    Not going to stop checking, enjoy being here too much but . . . of course there is . . . I find the menu format less than perfect and think that maybe Daily Farm ought to be first up, cooking & Farm Bell together. It’s already not alpha, so maybe a shuffle would help readers?

    • Suzanne McMinn says:

      Berrywin, I just changed up the main page order! Thank you for that idea! (Actually, I asked CindyP to change up the order for me because I don’t know how, but it’s changed. Thank you, CindyP!) Daily Farm comes up first now. And it IS the page that is updated every single day–well, short of a power or internet outage–so that is such an excellent idea! Thank you!

  71. angiemay says:

    Suzanne, I have to jump on here and post myself. I don’t have much time to post things. But, I do want to tell you that I love your site! It is one of two that I read anymore on a regular basis. Please do not give that person a second thought. I don’t know how you post what you do with everything you have going on.

    I enjoy your posts whenever you are able to get them posted. Believe me, you have many, many faithful readers who understand!

  72. Diane says:

    That e-mailer was quite rude I think. To have the balls to tell you she is leaving because you do not blog enough for her??? Its call you have a life and she does not. I do not get people like that. As if you should sit every day and update all your sections on this website for her enjoyment. Wonder if she ever joined the forum its quite busy I hear. I wish I had time to go there.

    We all get busy and cant always do some things we do daily. Its just life. We are grateful for when you do post. We understand you are a busy mom and woman. Could be our little e-mailer needs to get out of her computer chair and get busy herself and then she might understand why you may not be here as often as she likes. πŸ™‚

  73. jodiezoeller says:

    DSL is definitely the way to go now that it is available. Sorry about that email, she definitely needs to get a life! Your life is so full of farm chores, writing, cooking, taking care of stuff that I don’t know how you find time to update the blog (usually daily). I stopped reading for awhile but found I missed Clover, Glory Bee, the little crooked hen and the rest of the gang, so I’m back reading again on an almost daily basis. I’ve loved your blog for years now since you were in the little crooked house!

  74. mds9 says:

    Anyone that doesn’t read your posts, it’s their loss! My wife found your blog and shared. I enjoy your posts, your photographs, your family. I love YOUR farm. I wish I had one like it. My moms side of the family were farmers. If my grandfathers farm was closer and in a area where we could have earned a living… well, if wishes were horses… I’ve commented on the quality of your writing many times.
    Your use of photographs with story is very, very well done.
    “Store bought cookies” from Dec 2010
    “O happy dagger!
    This is thy sheath;
    there rust, and let me die.”
    Morgan is so much fun! I adore her.
    You also have a family of readers/followers.
    I have to read all the comments to get the full story.
    Thank you Suzanne for adding a bright spot to my day.
    Michael Schultz
    San Diego Ca

  75. Suzette says:

    What a goober! Apparently this person doesn’t understand about cached sites. Don’t waste your time worrying about her.

  76. Kristi says:

    Seriously? What a bunch of passive-aggressive nonsense from someone who clearly has too much time on her (or his?) hands. I hope you can ignore it and move on with the actual, y’know, work that you have to do.

    I’m loving the soap! I should’ve dropped you a note about it weeks ago–and I can’t even claim internet outages as an excuse. πŸ™‚

  77. Dennis says:

    I almost never comment,but i read you blog every day.I don’t care if you post once a month i would still read it!!I’m on Facebook almost every night with 3 chicken groups and have made a lot of friends.I try to post pics of my chickens and keep up with every one,it’s fun but it takes a lot of time.There is no way i would do a blog,but i’m sure glad you do!!

  78. mamajhk says:

    I will add my 2 cents and say I agree with everyone elses’ cmments. I stumbled upon this site quite by accident and since I come from a farming family I am aware of some of the trials and tribulations that go along with it. WE ARE FAMILY if not by blood then by a common bond

    This site and the people who post here and on the forums have given me the confidence to try new things that I might never have attempted before. This summer I have made several different types of wine jelly and roasted garlic jelly (not a hit with my crowd but will be used in somethig). I know that if I have a question/problem someone here has the answer or can direct me to an answer
    There are only 2 blogs I read, this one and another one by a friend who recently moved from Kansas to Alaska and is sharing his new adventue.

  79. barefeet3kids says:

    I have not read all the comments because I, too have a farm to run. However, I love your site. I love your writing and will continue to look everyday to read a post. When your internet is out, I wait until I see a new post. No big deal, am sure many others have stated so as well. I do believe your were served what we call A Crap Sandwich, good stuff in the beginning, crap in the middle and good stuff at the end. Whenever a crap sandwich is served either someone’s butt is being kissed or the writer does not have the wherewithall to walk a hundred feet in the target’s crap covered boots.
    You know you are doing fine. You know you are doing right. You knew this when you posted…you don’t need your reader’s confirmation, you are doing what you love, writing and farming. ‘nough said.

  80. mds9 says:

    How we found your posts is we started keeping Chickens.Fresh eggs are marvelous! There is definitely a learning curve never having had chickens before. Cooking fresh eggs is different. Loved your posts on your chickens. I would like to hear your comments on what you have learned and what is in your future for chickens.
    We started with a dozen mixed variety. Egg production dropped off
    at 2 yrs, at 4 we were getting 1 egg a day. So we got a new flock
    this year. Best Chickens last flock Rhode Island Red and Barred Rock.
    No roosters.
    How old are your chickens? How long do you keep them? What verity do you consider getting?
    Your post on Processing day was informative.
    This year we are doing our first ducks. Pekin
    I have some fun duck story’s. I now understand the line of ducks
    going into the forest and fewer coming back. They are DUMB. What will decide if we EVER have ducks again is how they taste and how useful their eggs are.
    Do you ever plan on doing ducks again?
    Do you ever plan on Guinea hens again? Good warning system.
    Or Peacocks ? I had Peacocks.
    Maybe Thoughts for feature blogs.
    Thank you

  81. MousE says:

    What a great bunch of readers here. SanAntonioSue, I am glad you love it here too. Your groom sounds wonderful! :dancingmonster:

    Mamajhk, if I might, I’m interested in the blog you mentioned, if you feel it’s shareable.

    See Suzanne? We’d be lost without you! πŸ˜†

  82. bbkrehmeyer says:

    Well laah te dah to that woman…. Who needs a ‘fan” like her anyway? I wonder how much cash she contributed to your website, or gave to the farm?
    Pioneer woman is nothing but garbage. that woman wouldn’t know a farm if it jumped up and bit her in the butt. And her recipes suck and just make you fat and full of cholesterol!!!
    I love what you are doing Suzanne,I admire your courage and your ability to take on tasks that would be daunting to most men, and most of all I love your positive can do attitude. You are an inspiration to women everywhere…. Keep doing what you are doing….

  83. whynotsew says:

    I can understand the internet frustration. We have been using dial-up since moving down here (WV), in hopes that Frontier will get DSL to our neck of the woods. I was considering satellite but did not want the 2 year contract or the download limitations. We loved DSL when we had at our previous home. I hope that it works well for you!!!
    As for the e-mail, I’m not sure why someone would take the time to write to you to tell you that they aren’t going to read your blog anymore. And mentioning Pioneer Woman, well there really is no comparison. To LEARN about cheese making, soap making, sassafras, ramps, great recipes and just good life skills in general…read your blog. To look at another women’s husbands rear end and 20+ pictures of a (not very amused) basset hound read the other blog. No disrespect to the other, I just choose to spend my time looking at useful information! Take care and good luck with your internet service!

  84. MissPat says:

    I will NEVER understand some people and their hurtful ways. Too bad you couldn’t bottle the “internet” she wasted with that email, and save it for a rainy day! As so many have said before, you’re loved and appreciated! πŸ˜€

  85. Berrywin says:

    So glad to help – used to be a librarian & webmaster so organizing is 2nd nature. Don’t buy into the entitlement issue of the former reader. This is about life and life happens. You didn’t order that derecho and you’ve made a wonderful life changing decision. You go girl!

  86. CarrieJ says:

    Don’t give that person another thought. She has no idea what’s she’s talking about.

  87. DLall says:

    I am sorry that you had this e-mail. I use a blog feeder so anytime you post something it pops up there. I view it as a bonus when there is a post or two from you. And if not, so be it. :cowsleep:

  88. Estella says:

    I have Frontier DSL and have very few problems with it.

  89. Katharina says:

    Suzanne, you have the best blog ever and are doing great in spite of outages. Your reader could see that you post regularly by checking the August calendar on the sidebar. I love you posts, no worries, okay?

  90. yvonnem says:

    I will be here every day for as long as you continue to write this blog. Yeah, I’m disappointed if you haven’t posted, but I’m sure not going to stop checking back…several times a day.

    I have Frontier DSL, and am happy with it for the most part. I do have intermittent outages almost every day though. They don’t last long, just long enough to get the “Internet Explorer cannot display this webpage” message, When I see the DSL light is lit up again on the modem, I just refresh the page. I’m sure that wouldn’t be a good thing for you and hope you don’t have that problem.

  91. rhonda323 says:

    To RosieJo:
    Suzanne’s banner and colours do not need updating, they are perfect as they are! Suzanne, you are doing a fabulous job, and are an inspiration to us all! Go, girl!! :woof:

  92. Sarah K says:

    You post enough that if I don’t have time to check it once a day, I can spend an hour or two catching up on old posts. The calendar is great for that. =)

    As for DSL, I had it for several years. It worked great most of the time.

    The noise filters the ISP provided worked pretty well.

    However, during the Summer, we had problems with the DSL going out intermittently. The ground (like an electrical ground) for the phone/DSL line went into a flower bed. If that flower bed got too dry, the dried up dirt pulled away from the ground line, causing the internet to quit working.

    To solve this, we watered that flower bed for a while, and the internet would keep working again until it dried up. It was really strange having to water a flower bed full of weeds and old roses to be able to check my e-mail, but it worked.

    The other thing about DSL is the closer you are to the “substation” thingy the faster your internet is. The further away you are, the slower it is.

    Hope this helps. =)

  93. princessvanessa says:

    A fellow at work once described how “important” one person is at work…”You have a pail of water. That’s work. Put your hand in the water. That’s you at work. Take your hand out of the water. That’s work without you.” Use the same analogy for this EX-reader and your blog.

    You have a multitude of readers who love your blog and are happy to read whatever YOU post on YOUR blog; whenever YOU post on YOUR blog.

  94. Dawn says:

    :duck: I have been with you since all you had was chickens – or maybe after you got one goat?? disabled and never having lived on a farm but a single mother whos pain keeps her up nights you have brought me YEARS of company – learning interesting things – love reading about even if I probably never will be able to make things like my own soap or cheese – gives me insight into my friends lives who do make these things – thank you for sharing your life with us – from kids to cats – I sometimes click on you 2 or 3 times a day for distraction – if there is nothing new I go back in time – I can almost always find a giggle or two – certainly a smile – and I thank you so much for all you do. would love to visit but .. from Canada – luv ya – and consider yourself hugged.

  95. bonita says:

    Sarah K has a point about distance from the ‘substation’. However, that distance was a much greater factor in the older (copper wire) DSL lines. You might assume, that since your line β€”and its configurationβ€”is totally new, that it is more likely to be fiber optics rather than copper wire. If this is indeed the case, your distance from substation becomes a less significant variable. This explanation courtesy of on-site tech visit addressing speed issues on (copper wire) DSL.

  96. easygoinglady says:

    Out of all that negativity…just focus on the compliment…….

    ( your writing speaks to me more than hers), but that was not to be. Good luck Suzanne, you are a great writer, Mom, and blogger, thanks.”

    She just cant get enough of your writing!! Just like all of us. Her loss by leaving. We are still here for you

  97. liz2 says:

    Most of the posts above have expressed my opinion about the person who sent you the rude email. Please eliminate that person from your thoughts. I found your blog about a year ago & love it the way it is. I check every day & appreciate every post you so generously share with us. I miss you if you don’t post, but I’ll always be back later. You make me smile, laugh & sometimes cry. Keep on “keepin’ on” just the way you are, Suzanne.

  98. smileyfarmer162 says:

    Well, there is supposed to be a Blue Moon this month which in my experience always make the nutty people even nuttier.
    Your blog is one of a few I follow diligently, and I must say I’m impressed by how often you update your blog with your funny, warm, and entertaining stories from your obviously busy life.
    I guess that makes some people envious in a nutty kinda way so that they feel the neurotic need to send you emails like that.
    I’m one of your biggest fans. Keep up the awesome work, Suzanne.
    Lisa from Ontario, Canada

  99. jeannieq says:

    I won’t tell you how much I enjoy your post, but I do. I won’t tell you I don’t see how you get done all that you do, but I don’t. I will not tell you, you can’t please everyone, but you can’t. I will tell you, do what you can do and don’t worry about the rest. The reason most of us choose to change our lifestyle is due to too much stress and to many people telling us what we should do. Take care of your family and do your thing and please yourself some in the bargain. Forgive yourself when you mess up and get ticked when people don’t understand or expect what you know is too much! Let those go who don’t want to stay. Love ya! I’ll be staying. I don’t get everything I want done everyday either. lol

  100. Birdi says:

    Wow! WVSky loved your post. And Suzanne like all of the others before me, don’t give that e-mailer a second thought. It’s easy to see that we are like family here and come out to defend when someone takes a shot. I love what you do for all of us here. You gives us all something spectacular in someway. I love what you do. Maintaining this on top of everything else is quite an accomplishment. You are busy sustaining you and your family…Great job!!! Let them try it.

  101. blabass says:

    Suzanne!!! I will never leave you!! You have changed my life.

    Your devoted follower!!
    Love you!]

  102. Marge_in_Michigan says:

    I love, love, love your blog, Suzanne! You do more in a day than most people I know!!! Keep up the good work and don’t pay attention to the naysayers. Good luck with the installation of your new Internet service. I have Wild Blue and just had Excede installed…and it’s not cracked up to what I was told. Techs say it “has glitches” with Windows 7. I will learn to leave well enough alone some day!

    Take care, Suzanne…you bring a smile to my face every day! I wish I could attend your retreat.

  103. mrsdmahogany says:

    I shall be yet another to add a comment to those above (which are all fantastic I might add). It certainly doesn’t bother me if you don’t post daily, heck, with all that you have going on, I truly don’t know how you find the time. So, take one day at a time, enjoy life, don’t worry about what others have to say, everyone will always have a comment, and just be. I for one enjoy your posts, daily or otherwise! :happyfeet:

  104. oct4luv says:

    You have new posts all the time! I wouldn’t even pay attention to that, some people are nuts. Maybe she thought there are not a lot of new posts because the picture at the top starts on the oldest post when you first come to the site, and she didn’t bother to scroll down and read the new post titles?

  105. Charlotte Moore says:

    I have not received an update from you in forever. I just happened to notice your name on another blog and thought I would try again. I don’t know what happened that I stopped getting them. I signed up again so maybe I will get them again.

    I read some to of the post others had left. I had no idea so much had went on in your life. Did your son move off to college? I noticed it said you had a death in your family I suppose. I sure hate that.


  106. Rainn says:

    :duck: You are wonderful—-and that is that………!
    Rain πŸ™‚

  107. farmkat says:

    I love reading your blog, Suzanne, and though I do wish you could post every hour on the hour, I understand at some point the chores have to get done! πŸ™‚ Actually, I’m just jealous because I want a farm and a garden and some chickens and some goats. Not sure about the cows – grew up on a dairy farm… think I had enough of them then. But I want a neighbor who has cows, so I can get the raw milk. Still don’t like store-bought milk and it’s been 20 years!

    But I do enjoy reading your posts and check in at least three times a day for my fix. If it’s not there, I live. or should I say do my work. πŸ™‚ and smile when I do see a new post.

    Thanks for sharing your life, Suzanne. I really wish I didn’t live on the other side of the country and could come to one of your shindigs.

    BTW. I also love PW. Don’t know where you guys are getting your info about ghost writers and such. I have never heard that anywhere. Anyone have any proof? Guest writers and ghost writers are two different cats.

  108. MissyinWV says:

    I have loved reading your blog since you lived in the slanted little house, you never disappoint. Here in West Virginia YOU ARE OUR PIONEER WOMAN!!! :heart:

  109. maryfrantz says:

    Suzanne, read your post today. I am so sorry haven’t seen it in a while. I too am a country gal and rely on intermittent internet. I usually don’t comment on people who are ignorant but, her it is. We live in this great country. And in this great country we all have the freedom to read or not read anything we want. We can follow a blog or not. It is unfortunate that some people feel the need to be rude when all they had to do is just go read another blog maybe they can find that perfect blog. i hope they won’t be disappointed. My guess is there is no perfect anything. I love your blog, has brought me much information and joy. And no I don’t really care if you update once a day or once a month. I see you are blessed by many people don’t let one unhappy person drag you down. Be happy. and thank you for all you have done. Mary

  110. StuckinMiami says:

    What an odd email. I agree with what most said don’t think twice about that person said. I live in a “Major Metropolitan Area” and I have terrible internet service. I rarely have a steady signal. Much less enough to make a comment.

  111. lifeisgood/ Melinda says:

    Sometimes people forget that this is not your sole purpose for existing. You are a real person with a real life and at times reality demands your attention elsewhere. Do I miss it when you aren’t able to post? Of course! Do I think I am so entitled that I should reprimand you for not having new posts every single day regardless of what is going on in your life? Uh….No!
    I thank you for every post you give to your readers. We love them and look forward to reading what new adventure is going on in your life. People need to remember to extend the same courtesy to you on this blog as they would if you were a neighbor and simply didn’t have time to “chat” over the fence.
    That’s the one thing I can say I hate about the internet…it removes so many of our normal filters and manners that we would use in a normal “in person” conversation.

  112. City Kid says:

    Weird. Some people have a (pathological? is that the right word?) compulsion to comment on EVERYTHING they see. I do, too, but I read what I have commented and 90% of the time (this ain’t one of ’em!), delete my comment. I don’t Facebook anymore because, frankly, I don’t care what I think. Why would anyone else? Don’t let it get to ya. Think of it as free publicity: This person probably mentioned your blog to someone who then decided to check it out, and likes what you’re doing!

    I have cable internet in a metro area and work from home–except when the temperature goes below zero and the cable quits working. It always starts up again just before the tech guy shows up and he can’t find what the problem is. Sigh. Ain’t technology grand?

  113. FujiQ says:

    I typed up a (really quite brilliant if I do say so myself) comment about how my experience in the marketing of entertainment products taught me that certain types of people tend to internalize the products/services that they “consume”, and that disappointment sets in when expectations and experience intersect. However, my internet went out and I lost the whole thing. Irony much??

    I will admit that I am a little disappointed about the level of drama. Perhaps it’s because your blog has the polish and poise of a publication. Perhaps it’s because the drama between you and your real life neighbors is “safer” than drama between you and a netizen. For instance, if I were to email you what I thought, being open and honest and perhaps thinking I am giving constructive criticism, would it get posted and subsequently flamed by the readership? That is something which would cause me to avoid reading more so than intermittent posting (which, since we’re on the subject, I don’t think has been that bad lately). Some folks live for drama. Some folks want an emotionally safe experience. I happen to be in the latter category.

    Anyways, I think you are a tremendously talented lady and enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for all the work you put into it.

  114. auntbear says:

    I just think you’re the cats meow.. :help:

  115. milesawayfarm says:

    Dinna fash yourself Suzanne (OK, I’ve been reading a bit too much Outlander). Clearly this person has never written a blog or run a farm and has NO idea how much time either takes. I subscribe to your page via RSS feed, and I’m always surprised at how many posts you’ve done since the last time I’ve checked – which is usually every couple of days. Heck, I feel like I’m doing really well if I post to my blog once a week. But like the unruly kid in the classroom who receives 90% of the teachers attention, this kind of thing can get under your skin. It isn’t worth your time. You have horses to play with and hay to sniff, and a very busy life to lead.

  116. Miz Carmen says:

    I love your website! I have learned so much from you, and have been inspired to try things I wouldn’t have ever thought of because of your posts. Ignore the naysayer! Chalk it up to statistics – for every so-many fans, there is always one grouch, eh? You should be statistically covered in the grouch-department for awhile now. πŸ˜•

    My first thought, when I saw the barn and the headline, was that the barn had burnt down! Did anyone else have this old song run through their heads?

    “Late last night, when we were all in bed,
    Miz O’Leary left the lantern in the shed,
    and when the cow kicked it over, she winked her eye and said,
    ‘There’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight!'”

    I’m relieved that the barn’s ok – but I guess you did get flamed!

    Keep up the great work; I love everything you write.

  117. copgrrl says:

    Ah Suzanne…. it ain’t worth letting that person put you out… obviously they do not see the simple pleasure in just enjoying your blog and posts as they come. Personally, I live vicariously through your words. I cannot have a farm, as much as I will it to me. Your accountings are wonderfully chock full of adventure. I love all that I read and I do learn things I did not know. I am jealous that I cannot have a farm, which quite frankly is my dream. I am tied to “working for the man”. The person who wrote that posting is just has no idea how wonderful you words are. I follow you on FB and on google+. I wait anxiously for all your posts and like a kid unwrapping a present when I see a new post. I share stories from your blogs with anyone who will listen. I am so glad that you are out there and Thank YOU for all you do and say. One disgruntled reader is not worth your time or energy!! Have a great three day weekend!

  118. lisamise says:

    Suzanne, I just read this post. It seems to me that FB is maybe responsible for what we see out here in FB-land. I get almost nothing from you and when I go to your blog to see what’s new, I get many posts from years gone by. But I will not let you go. I just keep on digging and prodding hoping to see all you have to share. You are such an inspiration to me! Thanks for all your dedication to your readers. Lisa.

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