We’re those people whose sheep are always out.

That’s Miss Cotswold and the yearling lamb cavorting by a house (repossessed, no one lives there) up the road. I suppose since no one lives there, they’re helping to mow.

It’s the same two, always out. Sometimes they even let themselves back in. Other times, they come to the gate and wait to be let in.

And laugh at us.

One of these days we’re going to figure out how they’re getting out. And then we’ll see who’s laughing! Or….just relieved…..and not as embarrassed…..


  1. Susanna Danna says:

    I think they were smart to come home..some people like a LAMB dinner on Easter!!! “Young un, we need to get back home, it’s dangerous for us this time of year..” :sheep:

  2. Gen-IL Homesteader says:

    I just saw this post on another blog about how they figured out where their cow was escaping. Pretty clever! Happy Easter!

  3. Zusiqu says:

    As long as they are mowing the growth around the empty house, they are preforming an important service! Think forward to dry summer months and the possibility of fire… and how that fire might spread. Then decide this is happening according to plan and let the sheep reduce the fire danger!

  4. Ramona says:

    Bad sheep, doing what they want to.

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