Let There Be (Holiday) Light!


I’ve got lights on the front porch! Yay! I’m calling them patio lights and keeping them forever. You?

It would all probably look nicer if I took the dead plants down…..


  1. BuckeyeGirl says:

    I love, Love LOVE them!!!! Keep them forever! You’ve convinced me to do it too! I’m going shopping for “fairy lights” tomorrow!

    Lighten the winter, welcome the spring, pay tribute to summer, show the glory of fall!

  2. Linda says:

    Yes! Keep them up all year! They make everyone happy…guests, family, neighbors, animals!

  3. Sarah says:

    The lighting is so much easier on the eyes than a big bright bulb. We used to keep them on the porch all the time. Wish we had a porch now. *sigh* I have colored lights up in my son’s room all the time. He adores it!

  4. Jo says:

    Suzanne, take a poll for us to vote on whether to keep them up all year ’round or not then you can have “leverage” to say you *are* going to keep them up all year…..that’s what your fans want!!! 😉

  5. Luann says:

    So nice, reminds me of outdoor pubs all lit up. :o)

  6. Enjay says:

    They look lovely with your rustic dried herbaceous arrangements. 😉

  7. Yvonne says:

    Lights are good, no matter what you call them (fairy lights, fall lights, christmas lights, patriotic lights!). I still like to change out the colors though! I put up blue icicle lights on my porch for winter, after Christmas!

  8. Lisabeth Olson says:

    THEY’RE GEOGEOUS, keep them up because you want them. The plants are perfect with them.

  9. JOJO says:

    Can you imagine an icy cold beer on a hot summer’s night on your porch with a light breeze blowing through the trees and little white lights twinkling? How nice.

  10. nancy in iowa says:

    I’m all for year-round tiny white lights! Fairy lights sound perfect!

  11. Sonia says:

    I am all for keeping the lights forever!

  12. Miss Becky says:

    oh that looks so festive. when you live on a farm in the middle of nowhere lights will really lift your spirits – no neighbors right next door or across and up and down the street, but total darkness except for your lights and the sky of stars above. they make every day look like company’s coming. but yeah, I’d probably take the dead plants down. or not. whatever makes you happy. it’s all yours, and that’s the best part. :yes: :yes: :yes:

  13. Donna says:

    They’re not dead, they’re just dried flower arrangements, aren’t they? Love the patio lights, they’re simply magical… I think I’ll get some for our porch and sit back in a rocker with all my warm winter woolies on and imagine I’m in a Greek courtyard on a warm summer evening with a gentle breeze coming in off the sea… ahhhhh! Merry Christmas, Suzanne! :clover:

  14. Nancy says:

    Yea!!! They’re beautiful. It was way too windy here to decorate today. Tomorrow??? :snoopy:

  15. Callie says:

    :wave: Hi, Suzanne,
    We have icicle lights hanging all year! They hang along the top of the front sliders and do act as night lights or tv watching lights.

  16. Lori Skoog says:

    I love the lights on the porch. We have ours up year round outside our kitchen… They are so welcoming.

  17. Phyllis says:

    Came home from the neighbors last night and sat on my deck with a fire in the chimena and my fairy lights in the tree. Ours are up all year. Wouldn’t be without them. Keep yours up.

  18. northcountrygirl says:

    Looks good to me! I’d keep them up. Gives a nice warm glow to your front porch.

  19. Shirley T says:

    I love the lights too. I thought that I could see a face on the second hanging plant so I lightened the photo a little and sure enough There is a face of a little girl smiling right on the side of the flower pot.I think she is happy with the fairy lights.

  20. Backwoodsdreaming says:

    I love them too, but have to be the worry wart that says: “Please, please, please check them from time to time if you plan on leaving them up year round. My cousin’s house burned down because of her “patio” lights”:(

  21. Jennifer Robin says:

    I find lights outdoors to wear out relatively quickly from exposure to harsh elements, potentially making them unsafe as backwoodsdreaming pointed out. Make sure your outdoor lights are indeed rated for outdoor use to stay as safe as possible, and never, ever use christmas tree or indoor lights outside. That said, indoor lights are a whole different ball game; mine might as well be permanent lighting fixtures!

  22. Ramona says:

    Nah, hubby and I both agree that we don’t need to make our power company any richer….

  23. Vivian Roberts says:

    Love the lights I have lights everywhere year round, to me they just look happy …..

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