Lil Outage


Had an internet outage here and am just now back online! That DSL, it almost always works except when it doesn’t.

Throwing this photo up there because they are considering it for the cover of my book, so wanted to pass on that tidbit since I didn’t get to write anything else today!


  1. dmcfarland says:

    Love the photo, would be a great book cover. He is a handsome rooster and a glass of wine to end the day is perfect. My pets would have a paw/foot/nose in that glass in a blink of the eye.
    Sometimes a little internet outage is a nice break.

  2. Claudia W says:

    I think that is the handsomest rooster ever! And that glass of wine? Well, it looks delish. I think that is a great cover photo!

  3. MousE says:

    It;s a lovely photo….. I was wondering where you were, sorry to hear of internet outage, we miss you when you don’t post. :snoopy:

  4. LisaAJB says:

    This is my favorite photo. It hands in my kitchen over the key to my chicken coop.

  5. Kristi C says:

    The cover photo should definitely have chickens. In the road. 😆

  6. bonita says:

    Cool cover photo, always loved it.

  7. Dumbcatluvr says:

    Hate the outtage, love the photo. :chicken:

  8. whaledancer says:

    I think that photo would be a fine choice for the book cover.

  9. Old Geezer says:

    Let me guess the vintage:

    Chateau Buff Orpington Grand Cru Cockledoo 2002,
    Pinot Scratchio de BucBucBuc,
    “mis en bouteille dans nos coops”

    Excellent with cow pie or horse apple.

    (Nice pic!)

  10. Auntie Linda says:

    I have that picture….I LOVE that picture!

  11. SpinnersEndFarm says:

    GREAT photo! One can think of so many captions….”Cocktails” is the first.

  12. Cheryl LeMay says:

    I was wondering what happened. I thought maybe you were too busy having fun! While that is a cute picture, I agree with Kristi that the cover photo should be one with chickens in the road. I believe you took such a picture when you moved to Sassafras Farm. Maybe you should show them that.

  13. holstein woman says:

    Very nice photo! Even if you don’t use it.

  14. barbicakes says:

    It’s nice, but my favorite photo is all the animals at the fence waiting for a cookie. I personally love it. It was an older photo. :clover:

  15. wildcat says:

    I love that photo, and I don’t even drink alcohol. LOL

    I’m glad you’re back online, and I can’t wait to read your book!

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