Line Up


The sheep line up, too! Why? I have no idea. They weren’t even going anywhere. I was walking around in the meadow and they just followed me and lined up. I guess, maybe, just IN CASE I had some big plan and we were all going to go somewhere. They wanted to be ready.


  1. Nancy in Iowa says:

    Ahhh, the Cotswolds look so lovely with their curly locks! Yes, they don’t want to miss out on an adventurer with Mom. Does this mean you have converted them from the dotted sheep clan?

  2. Nancy in Iowa says:

    Oops…too many rrrrrs. Besides, maybe they just wanted their own path to the holy tree, like the one the goats, chickens and donkeys have.

  3. Julie says:

    As an American living in Germany, I’m always perplexed as to why Germans never line up. I wonder if German sheep line up?

    Your sheep are beautiful!

  4. Samantha Sullivan says:

    Duh, they aren’t stupid, they know you have the cookies.

  5. CindyP says:

    Looks at those beautiful curls! They are following the woman with the treats!

  6. flutterby says:

    Maybe the sheep’s favorite game is follow the leader.

  7. Minna says:

    I wonder if some biologist would have come up with an to this.

  8. Nicolezmomma says:

    I’m thinkin’ they thought you had cookies.

  9. Pete says:

    No need to wonder who is the Alpha Sheep! It’s SUZANNE!!

    Also the Alpha Chicken, the Alpha Dog, that Alpha Goat…

    Well, maybe not the Alpha Goat…

  10. Wendy says:

    Perhaps they’re waiting for their “make overs”!

  11. Nancy says:

    I think they stay up nights chatting about what to do tomorrow to make the humans wonder!

  12. Donna says:

    I’m bettin’ that, like Wendy says, they heard a rumor that the hairdresser was comin’ to town and they wanted to get their hair done for Easter… just linin’ up for their turn! Wouldn’t they all look fine with Easter bonnets on? :clover:

  13. Barbee' says:

    Oh, yes, Donna; or even ringlets tied up with ribbons and bows.

  14. NorthCountryGirl says:

    Do you have ley lines criss-crossing your property? It’s almost unreal how your animals, both small and large, line up in lines for absolutely no reason. Makes you wonder!?!

  15. scorwin says:

    Never knew much about sheep but I’m finding they are pretty funny. Love their locks.

  16. kerri says:

    I love those curly locks :sheep:
    I’ve been working in the garden these past 3 days. What joy! Spring has sprung, birds are singing and bulbs are blooming…snowdrops and crocuses! :sun:
    Happy spring, Suzanne!

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