Little and His Bowl


Little loves to sit in this big bowl on my counter, and if there’s something stacked on top of the bowl, he’ll just sit on top of that. As long as he can be close to his bowl….. No wonder I stopped putting fruit in it!


  1. Carolyn Ellis says:

    I just can’t understand how folks can tolerate animals in their cooking space and on their furniture….too much for me.

  2. Connie B says:

    Sometimes you have to just give up and give in to the whims of pets.

    I’m lucky that my cats are not interested in my kitchen counters, but one loves to sleep in my bathroom sink. I’m thinking that the oval/round shapes makes cats feel safe and secure.

  3. quietstorm says:

    aaaaawwwwweeeee…….he looks sooooo content and peaceful…..
    beautiful bowl…..i love the colors!

  4. Emily says:

    Kitties are too precious! They all have their favorite spots and will get in them no matter what is in their way.

  5. Kelleh says:

    Re: Pets in Kitchen— How do you tolerate other people (family, family friends, strangers, etc) in your kitchen space, touching everything, breathing everywhere, without knowing where theirhands have been? Do you make them sanitize down before entering? They could be sick or a carrier for a virus or anything. You don’t know, and you can’t know about every person that enters your kitchen or your home.

    It’s my opinion that generally, humans aren’t any cleaner than well kept inside pets.

    You can say pets lick this part or that part, but humans pick their noses, scratch their butts and more, and basically do the same thing… sooo… yeah.

    When you think of it in terms that you let another HUMAN in your kitchen space, you most definitely can let your pet in there as well.

    Besides, it’s not like she’s got the cats helpin’ her sort the beans, stir the canning produce, or lick the plates clean. She just happens to let one sit on the counter, by her sink, in a bowl that is now just for him.

    • Suzanne says:

      Yes, it IS his bowl now! This is a counter that is not actually used for food prep. It’s an upper counter on the backside of the kitchen island. I mostly just set decorations there. He’s a decoration!

  6. Shelly says:

    I would like to get a couple cats just so they could be around me in the kitchen, I love it when they sit in odd places, I wonder why they choose the spots that they do. Cute pics. Also I like it when they hang around in the garden when I am working in it. My cat got ran over by a car last year. I only had her 6 months.

  7. MissyinWV says:

    He is loving his safe place in his home…..I love it!

  8. Hannah says:

    Reminds me of my cat who loves to git inside the dishwasher when we’re opening it for any reason. I also had a kitten who loved this teeny-weeny basket we had. She could just fit inside. So sweet!


  9. Blackberry Acre Primitives says:


  10. monica says:

    I had to laugh. If I had to worry about where my friends hands have been so much I think I would have to get some new friends.
    People used to live in the same quarters as the barn animals, keeping each other warm. Wouldn’t that be nice to go downstairs to milk the goat, gather the eggs, and feed them all without leaving the comfort of home?!

  11. Donna says:

    Is that not the most precious picture EVER???? LOVE IT!

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