Little Friend


Anybody know what this big, green, weird mothy kind of bug is? It spends days literally hanging around in this spot. Then disappears. Then comes back (or another just like it) to this exact same spot.


  1. Deliafarm says:

    It is a lovely Luna Moth! We have them in Vermont all the time, it is huge and oddly glowy green right. The can be very shy and hard to see. We think we are very lucky when one decides to hang out on our window screen. Enjoy!

  2. Sandra in SC says:

    How big is it? It looks like a Luna Rosa moth.

  3. Sandra in SC says:

    Meant to add… least that’s what this moth is called.

  4. patricialynn says:

    Actias Luna – commonly known as the Virginia luna moth.

  5. Leaves of the fall says:

    Yep, Luna moth. Cool thing is they eat while in larva (caterpillar) stage, and don’t at this adult stage. Short lifespan, they breed and die… and the cycle continues.

  6. stefinity says:

    It’s a female Luna Moth!! Aren’t they amazing?!

  7. Sheila Z says:

    Looks like a female Luna moth, although it’s hard to tell from the distance the picture was taken. My oldest daughter used to raise these in a cage and then release them. She studied entomology as a 4-H youth. Here’s a link giving info on the moth life cycle. Luna’s are interesting in that they (like most moths) don’t eat as adults. Their only job is to mate and lay eggs then die. Their lava eat huge amounts of food though and usually require a very specific diet, only eating the plant species their eggs were laid upon.

  8. GA_in_GA says:

    Luna moth. They are so beautiful!

  9. enjay says:

    That is a lovely luna moth. Here’s a page I found years ago written by a gentleman who raised a few to experiment with spinning their silk. Fascinating creatures!

  10. momtoadiva says:

    I don’t know what kind it is, but I have one (or several) that have been on the bricks on the side of the house by my back door for quite some time. I took pics of them too, just because I had never seen anything quite like it before.

  11. rurification says:

    Beautiful! We get Luna Moths, too and just seldom enough that it feels like a queen has visited when we see one. This year one came and puddled in the dirt for hours next to my husband while he was digging up our septic system.

  12. BuckeyeGirl says:

    Well, you’ve already gotten your answer by the time I got here Suzanne but I wanted to say what a magical photo that is! I’m not sure if she looks like a visitor from outer space or an emissary from faery.

  13. Farm Gal says:

    Yep, like the others say it is luna moth. This is a rare find. While they are alive they do not eat. They only breed and lay eggs.

  14. Camille says:

    Luna moths are so beautiful and special. I’ll bet that one is simply enjoying hanging around your Fairy lights!

  15. craftymom says:

    We had one of these Luna moths on our back screen door a couple of months ago. So beautiful. I had never heard of one before it came to visit.

  16. Robin says:

    I have seen the Luna moth a very few times, lately a beautiful pastel pink and yellow medium sized moth has been at my back door for most of the summer,just about every night. Does anyone know what the name of this might be ?I’ll try and get a picture tonight.

  17. holstein woman says:

    Well, I have never seen one in person, but they are very beautiful. All things must like your home Suzanne.

  18. Runningtrails says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen one! Very beautiful!

  19. Miss Judy says:

    Have you ever read the children’s book “Stella Luna”? That’s why the Luna moth is so familar to me. We had a Luna on our brick wall at school one day… the children were sooo excited.They are beautifully striking.Enjoy…she’lll be gone shortly.

  20. mrnglry says:

    She is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  21. cabynfevr says:

    My brother gets Luna moths attracted to his dining room picture window at night. So beautiful!

  22. Rose H says:

    How fabulous! :butterfly:

  23. Flowerpower says:

    What a beautiful little friend you have there. Luna moths are one of God’s gorgeous creations. I don’t see them often but its an “ah” moment when you do!

  24. Liz Pike says:

    I love lunas, especially those delicate feathery antennae!! It’s amazing they don’t have mouths…nature’s awesome, isn’t it?!

  25. Ms.Becky says:

    I’ve seen them, didn’t know what they were, and now I do. thanks!

  26. raburkey says:

    It is a luna moth! How beautiful!

  27. roosterrun says:

    Don’t make the same mistake that I did. It is a Luna Moth and though I don’t know where mine laid her eggs or whatever they do, I do know that the larva love to eat dill plants. I killed some one year before I knew what they were, just BIG ugly caterpilar things. Then I found out what they were and now I just plant extra dill for them to eat. It isn’t often I get to see them, they are so beautiful. It pains me to know that in my haste to rid myself of the worms eating my dill that I hurt such beautiful creatures. Never again! I will share my dill.

  28. Vicki in So. CA says:

    I’ve never seen —or even heard— of these before. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you Suzanne for taking its picture and asking about it.

    And thanks to patricialynn, Sheila Z, and enjay for the links. I’m thinking the likelihood of me getting to see one in person is pretty slim unless I travel east to just the right place at just the right time, so I really appreciated learning from the info the sites provided.

  29. TinaBell says:

    Lovely! Don’t get them around here, it seems. This would be a great wallpapaer offering! *hint, hint*

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