Long Time Coming


After months of asserting her dominance, Coco appears to finally be satisfied with the hierarchy.

For the first time, this week, I’m seeing Coco and Chloe PLAYING!

I was starting to worry that they would never be friends, but they are!

Mr. Pibb tried to get in on their fun.

But they weren’t interested.

They’re infatuated with each other.

And finally they are what I hoped they’d be.

Two livestock guardians that can work and play together–and be content in the field!

P.S. They’re a little bit dirty.


  1. Kristi C says:

    Being dirty just means they work hard and play hard.

  2. CATRAY44 says:

    That is really good! So happy to see how well Coco has recovered, too!

  3. fowlers says:

    Awe, I love this bread of dog! so loyal and trustworthy! you could not ask for a better friend! who love’s you no matter what!!!good for you! & good for them! it’s nice knowing you have a companion even if your a dog!!!lol Dirt by the way::is a good thing! tells ya their earning their keep!!

  4. stacylee says:

    That makes me happy!

  5. Miss Judy says:

    So glad to see both of them doing so well! The last pic shows COCO is still top dog!

  6. KellyWalkerStudios says:

    I am so, so happy to read this. Thanks for posting it. Joy, joy!!!

  7. yvonnem says:

    Very happy to read this! I hope they continue to grow a good relationship. They are both so beautiful, and I think Chloe is going to be even bigger than Coco when she is finished growing! :woof:

    So, Coco isn’t “self cleaning” anymore? I know you wrote that Chloe was “defective” in that way…LOL!

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