The look of longing:
The moment between Glory Bee and Dumplin when they know they are about to be reunited for morning milking is a sweet one, though fraught with near hysteria on both their parts due to their urgency. Of course, Glory Bee is quickly distracted by her big feed and more about that than Dumplin, though she is always glad to be back with baby. Milking is going swimmingly! Glory Bee is kicking less and less. Didn’t kick at all last milking. Now, she more moves her feet than kicks. Dumplin bumps her, both trying to get more milk to let down and also trying to get Glory Bee to spread her back legs apart further. Glory Bee will move, then she moves back, then Dumplin bumps her hard again and Glory Bee moves again. But at least she’s quitting the kicking!


  1. bonita says:

    Those eyes are so captivating, Glad that bad baby is living down her reputation.

  2. yvonnem says:

    Suzanne, Please delete this comment if I shouldn’t be posting it here, but there are some horses in great need in Roane County. I’m sure you are probably aware of the situation if you saw the news.


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