Lookin’ Good


People often ask about Dookie when he doesn’t appear in a photo with the other dogs. He’s old, but he’s not dead! He just sits on the porch more often than he wanders with the pups. He’s already sown his wild oats. He’s retired. But still lookin’ good….. If he does say so himself! And, well, WHO ELSE WOULD????

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  1. CindyP says:

    :woof: Still lookin’ good, Dookie!

  2. Diane says:

    I love Dookie!!! He is a funny good looking dog. I got an older dog. He will still run and play some. But he is mostly happy just laying around and gettting treats and pets. lol.

  3. Barbee' says:

    I still think he is a cutie pie! Better watch him, though, he might take over your new-to-you lounge chair; he might think you got it for him and his retirement.

  4. Carol Langille says:

    Dookie has reached the age in his life when he realizes that looking good on the inside is more important than looking good on the outside!
    I’m getting there myself.

  5. mamawolf says:

    Dookie looks so pleased with himself. Let the other pups run around and act like children. He is much too dignified for that sort of activity. He is a real cutie.

  6. Tabitha2 says:

    I love Dookie! I’ve always been curious though… How did you come up with his name? (Let me guess – one of your sons named him? Hehe… I know my son would think that was a cool name for a dog, LOL!)

  7. Jenny says:

    Good grief, you got him when he was 12? How old is he now?

    • Suzanne McMinn says:

      Oh, wait, maybe it was 11? It was 11, I think. He’s 14 now. We’ve had him 3 years. I think. LOL. Where is 52? We got him from 52. Who got him from his daughter. Who got him from an uncle in Florida…… Dookie’s had a storied life and many owners! We are his forever home.

  8. B. Ruth says:

    I bet’cha those mats in his hair hurt him in this heat….

    I always have my Shid tzu summer trimmed almost down to the skin and he loves it….getting all that winter growth off around his toes, face and feet….my groomer is wonderful with my “Rocky” yes named for “Rocky Top, Tn”….he is a country Shid tzu too….and can get in some aweful tangles around the brambles here on our place (nosing around for deer poop..ugh..) with the longer hair, so the short shave helps him thru the summer…

  9. cin says:

    He looks pretty happy…no matter what he looks like.

  10. Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage says:

    Dookie looks like our Chelsea…REALLY. We did finally bring out the clippers and shave her right down to about nothing a couple of months ago but she needs to be done again. Sure helps keep those dang stickers off her. I like Dookies smile…he likes the way he looks thank you very much! Enjoy your weekend…..Chic 😉

  11. Runningtrails says:

    Lol! Had a shitzu for 15 years, know the hair well! He is adorable and looks like such a sweetie!

  12. BuckeyeGirl says:

    If Dookie’s anything like any Shih Tzus I’ve been around, a country Shih Tzu needs just the right timing for his summer clip. He probably wants to be outside a LOT and getting him trimmed too early makes him unhappy because he’d have to stay inside too much. Besides, I can’t imagine he’s suffering with a look like that on his face! I think he’s ready for the next adventure. Dookie’s no pampered City Tzu, he’s a FARM Tzu and needs his coat so he can keep up with the kids when he wants to tag along. I’m confident his Summer Tzu Doo will be coming in due time! :yes:

  13. MandyP says:

    My Shih Tzu, MiMi, was 17 when she died. As she got older, grooming became a traumatic thing for her. I used to keep her in a perfect topknot, with the glitter toenails, and her long hair brushed out with out the first tangle. But as she aged, it became more about her well being than her looks. She would get so traumatized by the clippers that she would hide for days, and spooked at the slightest noise. I finally just let her be. When she died her hair was a mess, but she had peace of mind. I’m fine with that. :woof:

  14. Cynthia Stinson says:

    You should see what they do to Shi Tzus here in Korea! Mine is due to be shaved, as it is getting warm here now.
    I just want to let you know how much your blog means to me. I just wrote a post about how bad I want chickens. I thought you might like to know what your work inspires people to do; on the other side of the world! My heart pines away for the day I get to settle down and get chickens and bees and a home I don’t have to leave.

    PS I also commented on your memorial day entry. I’m proud of your kid.

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