Love Is


….a gingerbread cookie.

Even if you have to share it.


  1. carsek says:

    They are so adorable. I can’t wait for better weather so I can go out and spend more time with mine.

  2. CindyP says:

    They have come a long ways……..sharing a cookie! Awwww……

  3. Carmen Smith says:

    How precious they are getting their cookie:)

  4. kerri says:

    lucky little critters :sheepjump:

  5. sandra flemming says:

    Omg,they are the cutest ever!!Ijust want to kiss them on their noses.Being able to have animals is wonderful,Ilive in a condo so I am only able to have two small dogs,which I love to death,but I would love to be able to have other animals around if I were able too.Iknow yours get alot of love!!!

  6. Michele Messier says:

    Yes, I want to kiss them too. They seem to looove your cookies, you keep them happy that’s so nice to see. Love your website! :shimmy:

  7. Chic says:

    Yummmmm…wish I was there to get a gingerbread cookie too!!!!

  8. Debnfla3 says:

    I love goats! What cute faces they have.


  9. Mary says:

    So, you are feeding them with your left hand, so your right hand can take the picture….oh, my!…tricky. I love the picture; hope Pokey a cookie too.

  10. Miss Becky says:

    oh, those faces! You are so blessed to have such wonderful critters to love and care for, and they love you too! :heart:

  11. diane says:

    Where’s Mr Pibb? I see Pokey in the back just waiting for those goats to get out of her way! :devil2:

  12. Michele Messier says:

    I can never grow from seed either, they always get leggy too. Do you really think the cat knocked it over or the wind? Well, try and try again! :wave:

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