Mad Baby


Maia has finally gotten big enough that she can’t get out of wherever she was getting out and she’s stuck in the barn yard unless I choose to let her out. She’s not happy. But, this is a good thing because she had taken up the habit of sitting under vehicles. And won’t run out even if the engine is started. (Even a chicken will do that!) And won’t run out of the way of a vehicle backing up, either. This meant getting out of my driveway was becoming a difficult prospect of jumping out of my car every two seconds to make sure I knew where Maia was. It doesn’t mean she can’t come up and visit at the back porch anymore–it just means I can choose when, and I can put her up before I plan to drive anywhere–which will keep her safe and save my sanity, too.

She doesn’t understand that, though, so she’s a mite unhappy!


  1. Faith says:

    Tough love…You are a good farmer! She looks soo sweet standing there!

  2. mschrief says:

    On a farm you just have to use toughlove sometimes. I know she is cute and loveable, but you have to protect her.

    Off topic, I am making your Farmhouse Cheddar cheese right now. So far so good. Draining in cheesecloth…then on to salting and pressing!

  3. EMarie says:

    Health and safety first. You’re doing the right thing even though she doesn’t realize it. Like children really.

  4. cabynfevr says:

    Does she scream like she’s being mortally wounded?? I have two goats and a sheep that were bottle fed and raised in the house. They still think I am their Momma a year later and scream when I walk away! :sheep:

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