Making a Mess


Digging up the goat yard:

A year of build-up, made bigger by having Glory Bee and sheep in the goat yard part of the time, has made the goat yard a mess! Now that it’s back to a goats-only zone, it’s time to scrape it down and get rid of the build-up that is not only a problem in the goat yard but is also creating a drainage problem around our house. It’s an accumulation of hay and poop–the underlayers of which is a year old. It’ll eventually make its way to the garden. In the meantime, it’s a little disgusting.

Clover: “HEY!!!”

It’s gonna get cleaned up, Clover, I promise!


  1. twiggityNDgoats says:

    Oh yeah! FUN job. The garden will benefit nicely from the effort though.

  2. nursemary says:

    I cleaned chicken coops all day yesterday, but you may have inspired me to rake out the goat and emu pens today . Yuck. Luckily they only sleep in the pens and spread the poop evenly over a few acres during the day. :shimmy:

  3. Miss Judy says:

    Famous quote…”it happens”…Forrest Gump

  4. whaledancer says:

    Oooo, look at all that lovely fertilizer. Don’t think of it as goat muck, think of it as red, ripe tomatoes, sweet corn, green beans, home-grown pizza toppings!

    Are the chickens having a field day scratching for bugs where you dig?

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