Mimosa Mates


This redbird has been hanging around the feeder at the mimosa monster for weeks.
Sometimes he runs off other birds.
I guess that’s because now he’s started bringing his girlfriend!
He doesn’t like anybody eating at their table with them!


  1. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl says:

    Could be. Or, could also be a juvenile cardinal as well. Juveniles are all over the place these days and they’re almost as big as the adults but still want to be fed. Won’t be long before they’re cut loose by the adults, though. But isn’t it wonderful to see that pop of red?

  2. AnnieB says:

    I love cardinals. So beautiful, and such a neat song. They are very territorial, though, so not surprising he’s chasing off some of the other birds!

  3. beforethedawn says:

    A pretty gal for a handsome fella. :snuggle:

  4. WvSky says:

    The “Redbird” is a Cardinal. West Virginia’s state bird. (you should know that) :yes:

    The other bird is not his girlfriend but most likely his offspring as it’s a juvenile.

    But that was a GREAT photo! 😀

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