Mimosa Monster Update


This was my mimosa tree.
It’s never looked like that before. Some people suggested, when I posted about it before, that it might have been the hard winter. I decided to give it a chance, so I started pruning. Here’s how it looks now.
It looks like a tree again instead of The Green Monster! Some of the big branches higher up need to be cut, but that’ll take a ladder. And somebody who isn’t me!


  1. beforethedawn says:

    Great transformation. It looks like a tree again.

  2. holstein woman says:

    Very nice, great job

  3. Joell says:

    Very nice, always a good item to wait after the kind of winter we had, trim first and wait and see.

  4. fowlers says:

    We lost our mimosa tree this year….I’ve been walking all over my property looking for shoots…so far I’ve gotten about 10…going to try and keep them alive and re-plant come fall…covering them till spring…ours was pink, purple and orange….what shade is yours if you don’t mind my asking…?

  5. fowlers says:

    We were told that the “salt runoff” this past winter what probably knocked our out….sucks…. it was every bit as big as yours….just loved it…but it has I’m afraid bit the dust…. 😥 so now were collecting the shoots….so we can maybe have them come up in other places around the house….they make awesome shade trees…

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