Mimosa Morning


Mimosa tree in my front yard. This tree is the last to leaf out in the spring, and the first spring I lived here, I wondered if it was dead, it took so long to put on leaves. It makes up for it at this time of year when it blooms.

P.S. Been having trouble with my internet connection, sorry!


  1. denny144 says:

    I love mimosa trees! There was one growing in my backyard in Arkansas where I grew up. It was the first tree I climbed and the first tree I fell out of and scared my mom to death (I was fine).

  2. crannynanny says:

    Are the large “bean” pods part of the tree??

  3. crannynanny says:

    OOps! Sorry to ask. I looked it up and they are part of the tree. I just love pods for some crazy reason!

  4. EMarie says:

    I love mimosa trees. I love the fragrance and don’t even mind the mess they make when the beautiful flowers drop. We have a few small ones; can’t wait for them to mature enough for blooms.

  5. UniquelyAbby says:

    This place has a mimosa growing in the front. I love that heady, sweet perfume they let off, especially in the evening after a hot day in Tennessee.

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