Miracle Mowing


Yesterday, I was fretting over the ash-scattering ceremony that will be taking place in one of my pastures on Sunday. The grass is high, and I thought they needed a path. I have a push mower, but the location is quite afield from the house and my mower just left for WVU. I have no working weedeater at the moment. (Nor do I even know how to use one yet.) Last night, a man from the gas company showed up and started whacking a path.

The gas company heard about the ceremony, honoring the woman who drilled the well on my farm, and they sent a man to clear the area around the well, well house, and tank.

So, the responsibility for making the decision to mow, how much to mow, and getting the job done was taken over by the gas company, out of the blue. Whew. Yay!

Tomorrow, I will just stay up at the house and leave them alone to do their own thing, their way. (I appreciate the suggestions about providing refreshments, but I don’t feel comfortable about that. If it were me, I’d just want to be allowed my privacy and not have someone intruding trying to give me anything. That might just be me, but I’ll just stay out of their way other than going over there ahead of time to feed the cows at the other end of the pasture.)


  1. wvhomecanner says:

    That’s wonderful – and that’s the gas company I remember from my dad and grandfather who were ‘lifers’ with the gas company both in your county and mine. Nice to hear that some courtesies and thoughtfulness are alive and well with a major utility company :sun:


  2. Miss Judy says:

    Another worry taken care of…”Way to go gas company”. And, if it were my loved one I think I would want to scatter the ashes without onlookers.

  3. Pam full of joy says:

    God is so cool to do that for you and for them! :snoopy:

    I agree with your decision not providing any refreshments/flowers. It would place expectations upon them to interact with you in a manner they had not planned on, and they are already grateful to you for allowing them this simple, plain ceremony in your pasture to remember their loved one. Hugs to you.

  4. outbackfarm says:

    Well, how cool is that? See how pointless it is to worry over these little things? That just amazes me how things like this work themselves out somehow. I hope you have a great day up at the house. And that BP and GB are good girls.


  5. doodlebugroad says:

    Sometimes we put too much effort in worry and fretting…God just laughs and handles it.
    Glad it worked out.

  6. WVgal4ever says:

    :sun: My dad also was a gas company life long employee in another county. It is so refreshing to see a company honor someone this way. It’s just another reason I love WV! So glad they took this over so you could relax. :sun:

  7. Diane says:

    Glad it worked out so nicely for you. 🙂 So one less worry. Hope the cows do not decide to walk up and visit while they are there. lol. That could be a moment for sure. 🙂

  8. bbkrehmeyer says:

    WV gas co. rocks & so does Suzanne!!!!!

  9. cabynfevr says:

    Very considerate of you to stand back and let them be. Not the same I know, but the day we buried my mothers ashes next to my Dad, the backhoe and it’s driver waited on top of the hill, ever so impatiently, to fill the hole. Really? A shovel would have sufficed. Anyway, point being, something like that should not be rushed or hovered upon and I think it’s very kind of you to give them their space.

  10. EMarie says:

    :snoopy: Angels are surely watching over you Suzanne. I agree with you about the refreshment thing…it’s not your party after all. LOL :shimmy:

  11. EMarie says:

    And let me just add that I love the way you provide us with so many photos…I love it.

  12. mammaleigh says:

    I think that is the right thing. If it were me I would want to be left alone, but then I would also make a point to thank you for allowing me to use your land…So I wouldnt make myself too gone.
    One of the other posters had said something about the backhoe people staying and waiting. That happened to us at my grandmothers funeral. It was very hard to watch them sitting there. I think my father actually went and asked them if we could have some privacy.

  13. oct4luv says:

    How cool is that?!

  14. Julia says:

    I agree that Suzanne didn’t need to worry or fret about getting the space mowed. But she did the right thing to post about her concern. Maybe someone from the gas company follows CITR and decided to send the mower after they read the post. You have to ask for what you need. But I also agree it is a miracle.

  15. joykenn says:

    How very thoughtful of the gas company to send someone out to make the ceremony easier on the family!

  16. Whirlwinded says:

    God is so good. See, your kindness and thoughtfulness were rewarded. :heart:

  17. lifeisgood/ Melinda says:

    It looks great. Simple, yet serves the purpose.

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