The Mister Has Landed


Glory Bee’s new boyfriend was delivered today.
He doesn’t look anything like the last one!
And I don’t think he’ll be near as fun!


  1. Christina Johnson says:

    Good Luck Glory Bee & hang in there. Would have been nice if “Mister” would’of at least sent flowers.

  2. yvonnem says:

    Good grief! How much semen is in there? The container is huge…LOL!

  3. Starfish says:

    Holy Moly!!!!! He looks scary………

  4. sesamekaren says:

    How bout playing a little Pat Benatar…..”Hit me with your best shot….fire away”, when doing the deed…..couldn’t hurt!

  5. sesamekaren says:

    BTW….WELCOME BACK!!!! Last week, without any new posts from you, was liking going into a diner…..every night, longing for a slice of pie…and finding out thet are all out…, I feel like a got a whole pie…….thanks… were missed!

  6. Joell says:

    Lokks a bit like R2D2 in early stages.

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