Morgan’s Dog


Proof that Morgan did teach him to sit and that he still knows how:

Casper is Morgan’s dog.

He has to be somebody’s.

He’s a dog only a high-energy girl could love.

And she does love him so much.

Lucky Casper!

Because, to be honest with you, he drives me insane. This, by the way, is what Morgan calls his “majestic” pose:

This is Killer considering whether or not now is a good time to try to sneak under Casper’s radar:

It’s very difficult to sneak under Casper’s radar. I try all the time and it hardly ever works.

Even though he drives me crazy (HYPER DOG!!!!), I have to admit that he is slightly more bearable than he used to be. He’s two and a half, and for a Lab, that is still a puppy. But I like him much more than I used to, so there’s hope!

Meanwhile, good thing he has Morgan!


  1. lgoforth says:

    I have two vizslas (very high-energy pointing breed). I lived with my mom for eight months in between bachelors degree and moving for my master’s program and got my first one during that time. I spent 2.5 months at her house this summer with both of them. SHE FEELS THE SAME WAY! 😀

  2. yvonnem says:

    I thought Casper was so sweet and friendly when I attended the Studio opening, but it can be a pain when they are always so excited and into every thing! :woof:

  3. SuzieQ says:

    Plaque on my back door..”Dogs welcome, people tolerated”. nuff said! :woof: :woof: :snoopy: :snoopy:

  4. AspenFlower says:

    Awwww, that is so sweet. Morgan is such a sweet girl to cherish and love her dog. This post warms my heart. I lost my chocolate chow a year and half ago and still miss him very much. Keep caring for your dog and loving him Morgan, if you continue to be that way with him, he’ll know. And in return you’ll loyal friend in him. :pawprint:

  5. AspenFlower says:

    correction: *you’ll have a loyal friend in him.

  6. lattelady says:

    I love labs. We had them for years. They never grow up, are great companions and can be extremely protective of “their” person. Our last one died of grief following the death of my dh.
    My current dog is a 18 month old Lhasa/poodle mix and is starting the long journey in training to be a certified companion dog when I do my Hospice volunteer work.

  7. MMHoney says:

    Are you sure this is a Lab?????
    I never associated the word hyper with a Lab. I had a block head Lab for 16 yrs…Never had a more people loving dog…
    they must be around people. They are not a kennel dog.
    Even the mixed labs have web feet.

  8. mrsdmahogany says:

    Having labs all my life, they are hyper dogs until around age 4-5, then they mellow right out. Don’t worry, soon enough you will love him and forget all those hyper Lab puppy years…. :yes:

  9. Jen says:

    My lab is over 8 yrs old & still acts like a puppy. She’s fairly well mannered most of the time but sometimes she just can’t contain her joy. Today a friend stopped by & she was so happy she embarrassed me. :o)

  10. Andrea.tat says:

    My neighbor has a chocolate lab who must be seven or eight, and she still wears me out when she wants to play fetch. :snoopy:

  11. StuckinMiami says:

    Adorable. What is the sign behind Morgan in picture number 7? It’s hilarious!

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