Morning with Spider Web


Gate to the barnyard, on my way to milkin’ this morning.


  1. cardiffcheryl says:

    omg I finally have something at my southern california city house like you do on the farm! :snoopy: Giant cool spider webs. I just love reading about your life in rural america. The local support and friendship sounds wonderful. Discovered you a few months ago and I am going back and reading every post. I retire next year and I’m going to come to a retreat.

  2. brookdale says:

    Beautiful pic! Is that the spider in the middle of the web? Looks like a giant one!

  3. Coconut Country says:

    With thanks of course to E.B White

  4. emmachisett says:

    Thank you for reminding us that we share our time and space with so many incredible and intriguing life forms. One small moment to contemplate.

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