Moving Day


Nothing is easy at Stringtown Rising, and of course, moving was no exception. I lucked out in that there were a number of dry days in November. I started packing weeks ago. Worried about weather–mud, snow, ice–I began moving boxes to the old farmhouse (here, I mean the old farmhouse on my cousin’s farm) because it’s on a hard road. I thought, if the weather turned, it would be easier to haul boxes from there than to have to go back to Stringtown Rising. I wanted the big moving day with the truck to be mostly about the furniture, not a bunch of boxes, to make the day more efficient. I can haul boxes in my Explorer, I don’t need a big moving truck and a bunch of people for that. I got the keys last Friday and started moving my boxes from the old farmhouse to the new farm. Saturday, I moved the animals. Saturday and Sunday, I moved more boxes and got almost all of my boxes that I’d stored at the old farmhouse moved to the new farm.

Monday, it rained. OF COURSE. The river was rising, but thanks to so many dry days ahead of that, the driveway was a little slippery but still doable.

The big moving truck waited at the bottom of the driveway.

Every single thing that went on the moving truck went down the driveway first in the back of pickup trucks.

It was the most stressful day of my life, let me tell you. At the bottom, each load was moved onto the moving truck. It was a whole lot easier unloading the truck at Sassafras Farm where it was driven up the short (and not steep!) driveway right to the back door.

Get ready for me to constantly exclaim over how much easier everything is here. I’m going to be overcome with wonder and awe for awhile.

The moving truck arrived across Rocky Branch, our dirt-rock road, but it was a huge truck, and sat pretty high, so despite the fact that the river was rising, after loading it left across the ford rather than bounce my furniture over our dirt-rock road to go out the other way. Jerry, who picked up the moving truck for me and drove it, made a neat video. Here it is:

THANK YOU, JERRY! And thank you to everyone else who helped me through this move in so many ways–my kids (plus Mariah), Mark and Sheryl–who both helped every way they could and Sheryl for all those boxes from the hospital, their son, Madison, his girlfriend, Amanda, Sean and Sean–old friends of Ross’s from high school and the two workhorses who cheerfully carried more furniture than anyone else, Debbie (who helped me pack for weeks), Lonnie (who moved the cows, donkeys, sheep, and hay), Pete (from the forum), who set up the party at the new house and started serving up pizzas as soon as we arrived, and all of my friends who supported me and encouraged me and just listened. And thank you especially to all of you who were so understanding when I posted yesterday about this change. Thank you for waiting for it. I was actually really worried about posting about such a big change, and I appreciate so much your patience and support. Thank you.


  1. Flowerpower says:

    I absolutely love your new farm! I think you ended up with the best part of this deal!I have found out that friends are who will get you thru all this. You are a lucky lady Suzanne. Gonna be a nice Christmas there at Sassafras Farm!!Looks like the views are to die for! I am so happy for you!!!!! :hug: :happyflower:

  2. STracer says:

    Your new farm is beautiful. There are so many things you will find easier to do. Congratulations on the move. I am looking forward to reading about all your new adventures.

  3. Diane says:

    I know you will not miss that slippery wet road. I know I will not miss reading about it either. So glad you moved to a place with a hard road. lol. And that river. As pretty as it was. It held you captive all winter long. Glad you will have the freedom to get out now. πŸ™‚

  4. Rah says:

    What an absolutely lovely setting! I’m sorry for the pain that always accompanies a relationship end, but so happy for you that you have landed on your feet. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You have many cheerleaders out here supporting you! Blessings and good wishes to you in this new phase of your life.

  5. slpuckett52 says:

    Suzanne..I am in awe of you! Thank you for sharing your life with us out here..even the hard times! You are an inspiration to me daily and I’m so proud for you of your new home. It looks like you already. I too grew to love Stringtown Rising but oh my…Sassafras is so beautiful. It’s looks so peaceful and well…perfect. As you adjust and grow there I wish you and yours much happiness, love and peace. Pass the Sassafras around and let the party begin.

  6. The Briarpatch says:

    I’m so happy for you. Your new farm is beautiful. A new beginning is always fun. So many possibilities. Enjoy each & every day. We are all eagerly awaiting all the new adventures your going to have. We are right there with you. Brush off the old & bring on the new.

  7. Capriccioso says:

    Congratulations to you, Suzanne! It looks like a new and wonderful life and farm was waiting for you. Thank you for taking us along for the new adventures and experiences! Yes, mailboxes, street lights, hard roads, and school buses that pick up at the end of a driveway… all good! Looking forward to seeing the inside of the new home! May be Peace and Love be waiting for you as you move forward.

  8. KellyWalkerStudios says:

    I love it. Can’t wait to see it. And the part I love most is how happy you sound in these new posts. That all we want for you. Lots and lots of happiness!!!

  9. CATRAY44 says:

    Suzanne, I never doubted your ability to be ok living at StringTown until you posted about the path you had to take each day with the hay bales to feed the animals. I had such a sinking feeling inside as I read that. I know you would have done it forever if need be, but, boy am I happy you don’t have to, now!

  10. Flowerpower says:

    One question. Did you get the crooked little hen? I saw her picture and think I saw her on the new farm but I can’t be sure? I was thinking she would probably be hard to catch.

  11. Brenda Radabaugh says:

    Suzanne, there is nothing like hardship to make you appreciate what you have. You have worked hard to get where you are, when through many hardships, and I am positive you will be fine and do fine at the new place simply because you have the support of so many people that care about you. Suzanne? I know many people that have absoulutely NO ONE. My only advice for you (as an old farm woman who has lived a life of nothing but hardship) Is to hurry up and get unpacked while you got the kids there to help, get the Christmas tree up ASAP. Then? What then? Find a way, over the next few months, to thank all the people that bent over backwards and put you first and helped you. That is the rarest thing I have seen in many years.YOu are very blessed, God is with you, the new farm was waiting on you, it WAS truely meant to be. there is no doubt in my mind. And Suzanne. I think you really deserve it. Just don’t forget the friends that helped and do something wonderful for them. Maybe just have a big party and invite them all over, when you are able.. I am sure they all would love your homemade backing, cooking, and cheese, etc..etc..Be at peace…We will all be praying for you. This story has made me want to walk upon your land just to feel god’s presence under my feet. Maybe some day I can come visit you.

    Getting a farm like that with free gas is just to die for. I looked for one of those for years (and didn’t find one) before I bought my little farm last year. You will never be cold again and you will always have running water, even to the barn if you want it. Your animals will never be cold. YOu will have all the eggs you want if you keep those chickens inside on the cold days, and lock them up at night, where they can stay warm. You won’t have to give them laying mash or nothing that isn’t organic. You will live with the best food to eat. I am a big time organic gardener. I canned for 2 months this year (the first time I got to have a garden here) My basement is full of food, no grocery shopping for me all winter.

    Just so you know, last year I got really lucky too. I had bought houses all my life, remodeled them, and sold them. Last year I had a 1920’s house in Morgantown, I sold for 3 times what I paid for it, to the first person that looked at it, in 15 minutes, IN THE WORST REAL ESTATE MARKET IN THE HISTORY OF WEST VIRGINA! So yes, I know how you feel. I sit at my 10foot picture window looking at coopers rock state forest, with my quilting frames in front of it all winter, and watch it snow. It took me a lot longer to get what I got then it did you. BUT, I know GOd put me here because the same situation happened with me when I came to buy it…no one could buy it that wanted it but ME. How weird is that? ON top of that I got to pay cash for it! I owe nothing to no one. NOt a penny.

    Peace be with you Suzanne. May you have a blessed Christmas and a farm filled with love and grandchildren, for the rest of your life.

    P.S. Remember, watch out for the men, they will be on you like a hen on a junbug now πŸ˜‰ You just let me know if you need help with that, I got guns and everything! πŸ™‚

    The Old hag at Haunted Acres…

  12. JerseyMom says:

    I guess there’s always at least one in the bunch but I think that with those very few exceptions everyone in this community is thrilled for you and looking forward to getting to know Sassafras as we did Stringtown Rising. I’ve moved many, many times in my life and I don’t envy you that but I do sort of envy you the new beginning..the new house to decorate for Christmas, the surprises that will greet you many of the days ahead. Enjoy!!

  13. Canner Joann says:

    YOU were the one. Divine plans seem to work out, don’t they?

  14. outbackfarm says:

    I am SO SO SO happy for you!!! I am sitting here just salivating over that beautiful farm. It’s SO green! And sunny! And so much room. I have to admit though, that I am just a tad bit jealous. But I will get over it. I just wanted you to know how happy I am for you right now and am so excited for you in this new adventure. I wish you so much luck on your new books and can’t wait to see them now. And I look forward to reading about your new live on your new beautiful farm. I am loving all the beautiful pictures too. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  15. Curly says:

    What a beautiful farm! I think we will all miss Stringtown Rising, especially those of us who were here when you bought it, built the house and moved in.

    I know you won’t miss fording rivers, driving into town for your mail, and probably that long flight of stairs from your porch.

    I am looking forward to the new adventures at Sassafrass Farm.

  16. Darlene says:

    Love the video :wave: You shouldn’t worry about your friends here. I can’t think of anything that could possibly change our love for Chickens In The Road. You, your family, the farm pets, all the loving people who contribute, make our day :heart:

  17. Sheila Z says:

    Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, was too literal in your case and not a long term sustainable lifestyle. I always worried about you on that hill and hoped the hardships wouldn’t do you in. You are one tough lady that knows how to make lemonade from lemons. Or, as my Grandfather would say, “Fell in a bucket of manure (farmers use coarser language here) and came up with a bouquet of roses!” The farm animals are going to love the new place. Less mud, more grass and a draft free dry barn are ideal for both the farmer and the livestock. So happy for you and can’t wait to see the future unfold at Sassafrass Farm.

    One tip, keep a good roof on that barn and it will be the best money you ever spent. Three years with a leaky barn roof and it spells doom for these old barns.

  18. VaGirl2 says:

    Congratulations Suzanne & family…now THAT’S a farm!! It’s beautiful. I think you will find farming at Sassafrass to be rewarding…and maybe even a little easier. Everything you learned at Stringtown Rising will make the transition to your new farm awesome. I’m glad you are surrounded by so many people who love and care for you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

  19. Murphala says:

    Brenda said: “Getting a farm like that with free gas is just to die for” I agree. Anything that comes with free stuff is awesome. But…

    Free gas? This is a foreign concept to me…I of course googled it, because you can pretty much google anything, and landed smack dab on real estate listings for WV.

    Can any of you just fill me in on this ‘free gas’ concept? Inquiring minds, and all that good stuff… thank you!

    Good luck unpacking Suzanne!

  20. [email protected] says:

    :cowsleep: Hi again Suzanne from Michigan! thanks for sharing whats going on in your life with us. youre a good writer. i look forward to each entry. i think you are in paradise now my dear…what a place sassafras farm is! so happy again for all of you. Jeanne

  21. BuckeyeGirl says:

    @Murphala, here in OhiO it means there’s an oil/natural gas well on the property. The mineral rights can be bought or sold separate from the land, but the ‘free gas’ which usually comes with allowing for oil or gas to be drilled for on property usually is written in so the rights can be passed on with the land. There can be problems with the gas flow, air or water in the line etc, so most folks around here have an alternative heating method too, and I hope Suzanne got an emergency number to call about it (so when a line gets moisture in it in January and freezes up she can get a hold of someone), but it is of course still very much a wonderful thing.

  22. ConnieH says:

    Congratulations Suzanne! I’m SO happy for you! Life is about to get a whole lot easier for my favorite farmer! ENJOY! :shimmy:

  23. holstein woman says:

    Well Suzanne, I hardly know what to think, of the beauty you have on the outside and I can hardly wait to see what is on the inside of the house. I’m sure it is beautiful!
    I’m so happy for you.

  24. whaledancer says:

    Suzanne, I’m thinking that if you ever start feeling a little down and blue, you can refer back to today’s post and be reminded of all the people who love you, and also remind yourself that there’s a reason they do.
    I can hardly imagine a moving day like that. Moving is always so stressful, and then to add to that moving all the animals, and then to have to tote everything an time to shuttle it to the big truck, AND with the added time pressure of a rising river…WHEW! I hope you have a chance to put your feet up and sip some hot cocoa this weekend. And I hope you have a good time with all three of your chicks home for a visit. Take good care of yourself.

  25. Murphala says:

    @BuckEyeGirl–thank you! I learn something new every day here! πŸ˜€

  26. cbarn says:

    Congrats on the move to your new farm. I know the days will be full of excitement for your whole family. What a beautiful farm. Thanks so much for sharing.

  27. Bev in CA says:

    So wonderful, got my CITR fix this a.m. Love the pics. The video of crossing the ford in the moving van, wow. Isn’t it great, that is now a memory. Really enjoying all the responses from everyone, too. Try to rest up, Ha! Happiness.

  28. DebbieInMemphis says:

    That is a wonderful start on your new life and new farm. Congratulations, again!! I’m still so excited for you. And so very jealous!! I’ve got farm dreams and you help me see that they can be achieved! Thanks to Jerry for the great video!! Thanks again, Suzanne, for sharing your journey with us. My trips to CITR are quite often the very best part of my day. You and yours are always in my prayers and thoughts. Best wishes!!

  29. Kelly in TX says:

    I just have to say again how happy I am for you, as I know all the hangers-on around here are. πŸ™‚ And did you say you have 100 acres??? What a dream farm, in every way. Have you already picked out the spot where you’ll be buried? (’cause you’re never leaving…) πŸ˜†

  30. lifeisgood/ Melinda says:

    What a wonderful bunch of friends you have! They were great on moving day!

    I would venture to say most of your readers have had relationships end and know that there is a lot of negative emotion that goes with that and no one wants your new life on the new farm to carry any of that over.

    I’m glad you found the online comments positive. The thing you have to remember is most people found this blog looking for farming information or cooking information and stayed because of YOU. So, therefore, it wouldn’t matter if you were blogging from a cave in one of those beautiful mountains, we would still come to read your posts.

    Wishing you such a wonderful adventure on Sassafras Farm!

  31. Debbie in PA says:

    So blessed, Suzanne…a perfect Thanksgiving story. I loved Brenda’s reply (and story) in post #11..actually tearing up here!

    And it dawned on me that you started sharing this a bit ago….I know I saw that barn before! Looks like you got your wish! :sun:

    Looking forward to reading your further adventures at Sassafras Farm!

  32. jmac says:

    Congratulations on this beautiful new farm and sorry for what you’ve went through to get here, but, (sigh)I still have hopes for the TV deal!!!

  33. rileysmom says:

    If were closer, we’d have helped you move… hubby is good navigating the mud around here! Designated mud driver!

    You’ll have to tell us Suzanne, if the old saying of “one day, this will be funny” is true!

    I hope you make lots of wonderful memories in your home!

  34. bonita says:

    Suzanne, the pics of Sassafras Farm are great, some almost like aerial views. But I needed a visual for your moving process. By my count, you moved 4 times in less than a month:
    boxes from Stringtown—>farmhouse—>Sassafras and
    furniture and similar from Stringtown—>fork in the road—->Sassafras
    Good grief, no wonder everything is going to seem drop dead easy!

  35. Dottie says:

    OMG Suzanne, I’m so excited.

    When I started to read your post yesterday I was in tears because I thought you were going to have to leave your furry family and not live on a farm and not be able to do all the things you love, and not be able to share with us. Now I’m so excited.

    This is all SOOOOOOO worth the wait to finally find out what’s been happening and that you, the kids, and the animals are all OK.

    Sassafrass Farm gives a whole new meaning to the word STUNNING !!! I want to run and scream and laugh with Morgan. I want to sit on your front porch with a cup of tea or a glass of lemon aid and gaze at the BARN. I’m so happy you finally have a barn. A really to goodness real HUGE BEAUTIFUL BARN !!! Did I say how excited I am?

    I want to milk BP and hug that brat Glory Bee. Does she still have to wear that calf weaner thingy? I want to feed the goats and collect the eggs. I want to fork animal poop, watch Morgan love and enjoy her new horse, watch and wait for new babies.

    I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR NEW HOME !!! It is really just breathtaking.

    You are absolutely amazing and I’m SOOOOOOO looking forward to enjoying this new journey with you. I hope you don’t have to work as hard and have more time to just enjoy.

    Thank You for sharing with us.

    P.S. Every time God shuts a door he opens a window and this is
    the biggest most wonderful picture window I’ve ever seen….

  36. NancyL says:

    I am just so excited for you I can’t think of anything else! What a fabulous group of friends and family you had on your side for the big move. I’m dying to know – what did Clover have to say about it all? “Farming” is probably going to feel very simple now that you’re away from all the stress and troubles of living up the muddy, flooding, narrow, scary roads with so many transportation and communication problems! :snoopy: :snoopy:

  37. brookdale says:

    Suzanne, I made your grandmother bread (raisin) today and it got me to thinking…what was the first thing you baked in your new home? Was it GRANDMOTHER BREAD?
    I am SO looking forward to your stories of the new place, and to see what the house looks like inside.
    Even though it isn’t as near to where your ancestors lived, it is still in the same county, and you can see the same hills and valleys that they saw years ago.
    The very best to you!!! We love you!!!

  38. MMHoney says:

    It has been like waiting for a friend to go into labor…
    Can I breath now????? Love to all.

  39. Rose H says:

    As long as Clover gets her cookies all’s right in the world πŸ˜†
    I have nothing but admiration for you Suzanne, you certainly have good friends when the cards are down.
    Wishing you nothing but happiness in your new home!

  40. Pat says:

    Suzanne, I’m probably not alone in thinking that there was NO WAY I would abandon you, your site, and your family. You have brought much sunshine into my life since I found your site. I was just hopeful that you weren’t tired of blogging as some folks are after about 4 years. While you had sad news to share as promised, you came through with wonderful news as promised! I’m here for the duration, as long as you want to continue sharing your story. Best wishes for a new life and a holiday season. Pat in Eastern NC

  41. jdr says:

    I would love to see some pictures of the inside of your new home. I am dying to find out if it’s as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside. :snoopy:

  42. kristen says:

    Yay! Safely moved in with the help of good friends and family.

    Still so dang tickled for you. A fabulous farm, a fantastic name to go with it and a wicked cool barn for me to sigh over. Yay for warm and toasty animals on cold days.

    This lurker is glad you’re moved in and safe. I can’t wait to see the next chapter of this unfold– Sassafras Farms and the stories waiting to be told and shared.


  43. WvSky says:

    My pleasure Suzanne! It was quite an adventure. A couple of notes about the video: I handed my video camera to my friend who didn’t get it turned on until we were halfway across the river. That’s why the crossing seems shorter than it was. Also: There’s a gully on Rocky Branch Road that was so narrow, that the big truck actually widened by 6 inches with it’s rear wheels! Finally, halfway down the road (remember, Rocky Branch is mostly one lane) we were stopped by an out of state van pulling a little trailer. He was stuck in the creek crossing for a while and we had nowhere to go but backwards because he couldn’t back up at all. Finding a spot on the side of the road wide enough for the truck was next to impossible, but I finally found a tiny little place just big enough to get half the truck off the road. Just as I was afraid of, the truck then got stuck up in the mud, and I had to rock it a few times, wheels spinning like mad, to get it free. Thank goodness I didn’t run into any other traffic!


  44. Cheryl LeMay says:

    The video of the truck crossing the river gave me the willies.I am so glad that you’re out of there. If something had ever happened and an emergency vehicle needed to get through it wouldn’t have made it. You are so much better off where you are now. I think you will eventually breath a sigh of relief that you had to move. I can’t wait to see more pictures (like everyone else). I love the name you gave your place too.

  45. woolylamb says:

    Looks like the start of a wonderful new life. Sassafras Farm looks fabulous! I am so happy for you, now that things look better.

  46. Janet says:

    Thank you for including us in your big news. I’m so happy that you have found a way out of the tunnel you were in and life will be better for you now.

  47. LisaAJB says:

    You’re welcome. I’m so glad I have my morning reading back! Good luck with unpacking.

  48. Brenda Radabaugh says:

    “FREE GAS”

    TO the person that wanted to know what “FREE GAS” was: Many times you can buy a farm with free gas. FREE HEAT as long as the well has gas which could be many decades. When they drill a gas well on your farm you can make them give you free gas. Usually you can only get it for ONE DWELLING though. I Had a place like this once and it’s fabulous to not have to worry about heating your house. YOu can keep it as warm as you can and if there is a limit on the gas you can use it’s always way more than you need. Or at least that’s the way it is in West Virginia. I hope that answers your questions. I always look for land with gas wells. !

  49. WvSky says:

    Technically speaking, you cannot ‘force” a company with a Well on your property to give you free gas. However, most companies “will” give you the gas as a PR move. They know that at some point, they will have to get on your property and possibly disrupt your peace. “Free Gas” is always written into a contract that most often is transferable to any new owner. However, sometimes the contract ends with the life of the current owner, which is why it pays to go over any contract concerning free gas. Also, should the owner sell off part of their land, only the original house gets the free gas. The thing to keep in mind is that if a company owns mineral rights under your land, there’s nothing you can do to keep them off of it, and there’s no way to force them to give you free gas. Again however, most do just to pacify the owner.

  50. moorege says:

    I’m just catching up on all the news, Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I’m in awe of your inner fortitude, dedication and resilience. It’s stunning and your joy is clear. I wish you time to enjoy your new farm. Couldn’t be happier for you!

  51. Mandys says:

    I know I’m not active on the forums and not very active in the comments but I want you to know that I do love reading all your posts and nothing will stop me from enjoying your site. I’m so excited for you to be starting this new phase and so happy that everything has worked out for you *hugs* :snuggle: :snoopy: :heart: :sheep:

  52. Jan Hodges says:

    I’m so happy you are okay and cozy in your new home. I am a single person and decades older than you, (and I have only a tiny place with a herd of goats) and you will have to hire help for things, but it is so worth it. I never thought about it, but Stringtown Rising was really an impossible place to live. I just figured you knew what you were doing. The comment about hauling the hay — yes. Good grief. This place is not only easier but safer. So happy for you. The rest of your life just started.

  53. Grouchymama says:

    I was a single Mom with two kids and it was tough going for several years. You have been an example of courage and strength to your children and they will never forget that! Your farm sounds lovely. I know the animals will be a little confused for a while but once they get used to everything, they will love it. I brought my first two goats home in my car because our truck broke down. I opened the back door and said,” Come on girls, we are going to the Dairy Queen.” They jumped in and rode like royalty being chauffered around London. Funny! CONGRATULATIONS

  54. Birdi says:

    First of all, I’d like to say that I am sorry that you had to endure pain of a relationship ending, but I am very glad that all that you share with us is not. I am looking forward to you sharing your new adventures with all of the excitement and enthusiasm that is you!

    I am so happy that you are still able to follow your dream. Here’s a warm farmgirl hug with all the best wishes for a bright new future. Congratulations! And thank you for sharing!

  55. Claudia W says:

    I am so happy for you in that you have landed yourself on such a gorgeous piece of Heaven! So sorry that it took what it did to get there. You had to make some hard decisions, but I think you above all what is good for you and Morgan, and you are doing the very best thing.
    I loved that video. It was fun and yet showed just exactly what you would be leaving behind in the driving department.
    You have such a wonderful and vast support system. Again, I am a little jealous of what you have there is WV. It seems like a wonderful place to be.
    I can’t wait to hear about how happy and comfortable you are. Can’t wait for spring to see Morgan’s new horse. Can’t wait to see the smile on her face!

  56. Estella says:

    Great video!
    I am so happy for you.

  57. Liz says:

    :cowsleep: :sheep: :chicken: CONGRATULATIONS on your
    NEW and IMPROVED LIFE….Full Steam Ahead!

    I do think ADVENTURE is your middle name!

    ALL the Best in all you do…. :snoopy: <—will continue
    to Jump for Joy!

  58. MalagaCove says:

    I hate moving, doesn’t everyone? Well, now there you are, with your life in boxes all around you, and you get to redesign it anyway you want that fits your new spaces. Lucky, lucky you!

    Many blessings, strength, and good humor to you & yours. All the hard work and hard decisions will be worthwhile.



  59. GA_in_GA says:

    I finally had a chance to watch the video this morning. Thank you for sharing it.

    The creek rising AFTER the moving truck had forded, seems symbolic. Mother Nature blocking off the negative that was, and the road ahead being nothing but a positive time in your life.

    Glad to hear all of the feathered and furry children have made the move as well. They are always a comfort in one’s life. And so glad that all of your 2 legged children were there to support you. Along with your friends. πŸ™‚

  60. shirley T says:

    I am so happy for you Suzanne. You deserve to be happy, you have worked so hard and life is too short to live in an unhappy relationship. I love your new farm. I was wondering, in the third photo down, where the pickup truck is going down the drive way, it looks like there is a cat sitting there. It is on the right side of the photo on the bottom. Is it one of your cats? What is it ? do you know?

  61. shirley T says:

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. Did the fake Owl keep away the un-wanted critters? I am so proud of you Suzanne, You did good.

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