Is horseradish supposed to get this big? I’ve never grown horseradish before. This horseradish is on its second season now. Last year it wasn’t this big. It looks like it’s out of control!

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  1. CATRAY44 says:

    That scares me, lol Mine is first year and it is huge! Next year should be monstrous!

  2. Melissa says:

    Love the horseradish! It gets much bigger. We had some that was about 4 feet tall and very bushy. Are you going to make can it? If you do you should grind it outside.

  3. Nancy in Iowa says:

    Alien horseradish!!! :dancingmonster:

  4. Shelly says:

    I recently bought some mustard horseradish and it is soooo good. It would be fun to make it fresh. :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy:

  5. Snapper says:

    Looks just like what’s in my garden, ‘the relations’ of your piece from Heidi. 🙂 It’s a monsterous beast of a plant.

  6. Sheila says:

    It’s all that chicken droppings. Makes some rich fertilizer.

  7. Miss Judy says:

    My grandmother’s horseradish looked just like that. She had it right at the edge of the garden. One year she had someone new plow her garden in the fall. He plowed it up and spread the roots all over the garden. Next spring she had horseradish in about every row.

  8. B. Ruth says:

    Horseradish can be invasive….
    Funny story..(Miss Judy)! That sounds like something that would happen in our garden…because after the freeze and things die down it is easy to forget about it and to mention “horseradish bed” to the person plowing the garden in the late fall or early spring…LOL

    Our horseradish is getting bigger every year…the first year the roots weren’t much to brag about….but we harvested some…the roots keep in the refrigerator quite a few months…wrapped…

  9. Pete says:

    Oh, my! That looks like something we have growing wild! We don’t know that anyone ever planted horseradish, but you never know.

    It also looks a little like the weed plantain. Are they perhaps related?

  10. monica says:

    I thought that as perenials grow they get more established and the roots get bigger. I think it looks like a pretty healthy plant. :sun:

  11. KentuckyFarmGirl says:

    Holy horseradish Batman!!! Sorry, I’m still not quite through that first cup of coffee this morning and that was the first thing that popped into my head. I have never grown horseradish so I have no idea how big it gets.

  12. Lola-Dawn says:

    Yup … and it will continue to get bigger and bushier over the coming years! Oh, and when you decide to grate or grind the stuff, DO IT OUTSIDE! My eyes still sting just remembering! LOL!

  13. Phyllis says:

    And be sure that you don’t put your face over the bowl to see how it is coming. We found out how invasive horseradish was after we got 3 free plants. Fresh horseradish is the best condiment in the world. We used to spread fresh butter on rye krisp and then the grated horseradish. Woo Hoo.

  14. princessvanessa says:

    B. Ruth is absolutely right, horseradish is invasive. It took me about 4 years to get the horseradish out of one of my raised vegetable gardens. The previous owners had planted it and it took over one end of the garden. I figured that as little as I use horseradish I’ll just buy it in the store. lol
    I see it is next to a fence post. I’m hoping you have it off by itself and not too near your garden plot or your garden may end up like Miss Judy’s grandma’s garden.

  15. SD Sue says:

    I had a friend that had horseradish growing in her garden and in 2 or 3 years it had taken over her entire yard!!! Garden, grass, flower beds everywhere! Just be careful! :dancingmonster:

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