My Celery


My celery is growing! It’s been a dry summer here, but it’s rained quite a bit in the past week or so and the garden is happy.

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  1. MMHONEY says:

    How sad!!!!!!!

  2. Susan W. says:

    I had just purchased a new chunk of celery when I read about cutting the bottom off…so, off it came. And since it was dark outside I just stuck it in a bowl of water. I found it 4 days later and it’s growing. This would be a great project for little kids since it’s so quick. But yours looks better.

  3. patchkat says:

    I have the celery…we’re so hot already that I’m wondering about growing it in a large flower pot. That would be easier to control the water. Patchkat >^,,^<

  4. Linda says:

    That is so great! I was excited to learn that you can grow celery in a regular garden. I definitely want to try it sometime.

  5. Michelle says:

    Cool! I’m excited to try this next time I buy celery. :woof:

  6. Sandi says:

    Mine’s been in a little dish of water for the past week and it’s really taking off – I better get it into the ground soon!

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