My Little Runner Girl


I took this picture at track practice yesterday evening. Morgan, of course, is in track. Because she has to play everything. She’s the one in front, grabbing the baton. This coming week is college spring break here, by the way. (Not for high school–that’s in April.) So, Weston will be home! And Ross will be home sometime in April, I hope. He has his orders–he has been assigned to the USS Scranton in Norfolk, Virginia. (Yay! Only 7 hours away from mom.)

In other news, I’m all loaded up with supplies, ready for fencing, and it’s supposed to rain, which could also interfere with Buttercup’s arrival this weekend. Cross fingers for dry weather!


  1. brookdale says:

    Glad to hear the good news about your kids!
    And, speaking of “kids”, any babies expected in the goat yard this spring? Your little goats are soooo cute!
    Happy spring!

  2. bonita says:

    yes, even a tatted up submariner sometimes needs his mom..or does his mom need him? wishing for good weather for you… and waiting for the tease resolution. Seeing Coco this weekend?

  3. nursemary says:

    Sorry Suzanne, I can’t cross my fingers for you because I would have to uncross them for me! But I am trying for dry weather too so maybe if I get it, you will too. I simply have to clean out the chicken coops after nearly two straight weeks of torrential rains. :no:

  4. katieiacobellis says:

    oh norfolk! that’s where I am; great place to be stationed!

  5. JeannieL says:

    Good luck and safety to him and his shipmates. May we all pray for peaceful times.

  6. prvrbs31gal says:

    Seriously… if he needs a home cooked meal he is always welcome here. We’re right next door in Chesapeake (hubby is stationed at Little Creek). And if you want to visit and need a place to stay you’re always welcome!

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