My Other Babies


While I prepare to see my oldest baby graduate from boot camp, I can’t leave without one last photo of my other babies–Clover’s babies. They’re doing really well, and Clover is being a good little mama. I’m going to miss them! (They will be taken care of while I’m gone.)

The Charleston Daily Mail won numerous first place finishes in this past weekend’s West Virginia Press Association awards, including the overall award for General Excellence. And! I won for Best Lifestyles Columnist! See the whole article here. Congratulations (and thanks) to the Daily Mail and my awesome editor, Monica Orosz!


  1. Grandmatotwochicks says:

    I’m in love with the baby goat’s and congratulations on your AWARD!!! :snoopy:

  2. Nancy in Iowa says:

    The babies will be fine, and will be glad when you get home. Fantastic on the award!!!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Oh my God they are just the most gorgeous little things! I love baby goats, I wish we could have some (one day maybe!). They’re beautiful!

  4. judydee says:

    Congratulations on a well deserved award!

  5. Runningtrails says:

    Those babies are just so cute! How can you keep from hugging and squeezing them all the time?

    Congrats on the award!

  6. Diane says:

    The babies are beautiful. Congrats on the win!!!!

  7. northcountrygirl says:

    Your babies are cuties. AND, congratulations on your award!

  8. Glenie says:

    Cute babies. Congrats on the awards and have a great time with you son at graduation.

  9. SandyCWV says:

    Very cute! Congratulations on the award and enjoy graduation. Is your son at the same training facility as was his Dad? Maybe you can get a picture with your him in the same place as that one you have with him. That would be kind of cool for him to have later on.
    FWIW I think it is funny how you have started adding clarification notes to some of your posts. 😀

    • Suzanne McMinn says:

      Sandy, no, his dad went to boot camp in San Diego. The Navy now only runs boot camp out of Great Lakes. They used to also do boot camp in San Diego. That was a long time ago–in fact, Ross told me he showed that picture around and told people it was in San Diego and some of the guys didn’t believe him because it’s about been forgotten that the Navy used to run a boot camp in San Diego!

  10. SandyCWV says:

    LOL Now we know why I have an editor to read my documents.
    Maybe you can get a picture with your son in the same place as that one you have with his Dad. That picture would be nice for your son to have later on. There, some of my own clarification. 😕

  11. CindyP says:

    OMGosh! Clover’s babies are sooo cute! Do we have names yet?

    Congratulations on the award, how great is that!!! Makes all that writing and deadlines all more worthwhile :snoopy:

    P.S. My brother went through San Diego in 1990, I wasn’t thinking it was that long ago, but it’s been 20 years!

  12. Angela P says:

    :sun: Congratulations Suzanne!!! Your the bestest :airkiss:

  13. Connie of Ohio says:

    Congratulations on the new babies and your award.

  14. Miss Becky says:

    The faces of those babies are just gorgeous. :airkiss:

  15. Patrice says:

    The babies are adorable. Have a good trip!

  16. yvonne says:

    You must be on cloud nine about now! So much good stuff going on in your life! You deserve it. Have a safe trip!

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