My View Today


–sitting in the studio watching Kelly and Linda put the finishing touches on the walls. I’ll have a post tomorrow with a gallery of photos showing all the details!

It is AMAZING!!!!!


  1. lifeisgood/ Melinda says:

    The murals are absolutely beautiful. Just looking at them makes me feel peaceful. They are wonderful ladies and you are so very fortunate to have such talent available! Wonderful job!

  2. Old WV Broad says:

    The murals are beautiful. Beautiful online and in person. WHat a lovely gift to share with all of us. Thanks Kelly and Linda, it was great to meet you!

    Billie B in way south WV

  3. Jane L says:

    Wow, the art is beautiful and really transforms the studio. I like how it doesn’t look too ‘commercial’.

  4. rhubarbrose says:

    This is going to look amazing!

    Congrats on a very successful party – what a wonderful way to meet your readership and friends!! Sure wish I lived closer to take part in the fun!

    Now you’re ready for Summa Summa Summa!

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