Neat Knits


Pat, from Springer’s Yarn Nook is one of our CITR Retreat 2011 super sponsors–and let me show you her goodies! Actually, YOUR goodies, if you’re a retreat attendee! Check out the cute blue rain boots, knit warmers, and lusciously beautiful hat–all up for door prizes at the retreat along with goodies for every goody bag! Thank you, Pat!

I have more exciting sponsor news, with exciting goodies, for retreat attendees coming soon. (Want to be a sponsor? You can! See the retreat sponsors page for more info and to see all of our sponsors.)


  1. wvhomecanner says:

    Thanks Pat! And what size are those boots ?? 😉
    And that lovely hat? In WVU colors ?? NICE!!


  2. galagal says:

    The Boots, size 7. I love the picture, Thanks. Hope every one checks out my web site . I look forward to the retreat. I can’t waite to get a goodie bag and learn to make cheese, and meet everyone. You all are doing a GREAT Job.

  3. wvhomecanner says:

    Sigh. Having big feet is a burden sometimes :hissyfit:
    See you at the Retreat!!


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