New Employee Orientation


Behold the yet unfinished goat stand in my new milking parlor. (I’ll explain more about this goat milk stand, and why it’s built the way it’s built, in a future post when the milking parlor is complete.) Meanwhile, yesterday, it was time to bring aboard my new milking staff for measurements in the stand. Right now, I have Fanta and Cookie Doe in milk. Cookie Doe is a Nigerian Dwarf, which is a dairy breed, while Fanta is a Fainter, a meat breed, so Cookie Doe got the job. Cookie Doe has never been milked.

As soon as I reached under and touched her teats, she ripped off her Sassafras Farm ID badge and hightailed it outta there, so we’ve got a lot of employee training ahead.


  1. langela says:

    What a wonderful milking stand! Does the neck gate close so she can be “kept” in there?

  2. rhubarbrose says:

    That looks great!!! Good luck with the training – you are so funny!

  3. DancesInGarden says:

    I keep forgetting how small they really are! Seeing her on the stand with a person standing next to her really puts it in perspective. Next thing you know, she will be walking back and forth in front of the stand with a sign that reads “My teats My choice!”. Maybe you need to put a baby goat puppet on your hand……..

  4. Maybeth says:

    TOO FUNNY!!!!! 😀

  5. Camille says:

    OMG…I too forget how very little those goats really are! And speaking of little…how are the kitttehs doing these days? I think when you get a spare moment(HA!)we could use an update on those furries too. :pawprint:

  6. outbackfarm says:

    Well, I sure did need a good laugh! Thanks. That was so funny about her ripping off her id and running out of there. But don’t let her win, Suzanne. Once she’s secured in there and can’t get out, she will kick and pitch a big ole fit. But don’t give up. Let her know you’re the boss of her. You can do it. I just milked a friend’s doe who just had twins yesterday. She stood still for awhile then had enough of that. She’s never been milked either. But she’ll get there soon.

    That stand is really nice. They are doing a great job. Can’t wait to see it all finished with a few cows and some goats in there.

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