New Milk Maid


Somebody’s been milking BP and it isn’t me! OR THAT BAD BABY. I have a new portable milker. I tried it out for the first time today. It works like a dream! I’m in love. More details about the milker in a few days. There’s so much going on at the farm this weekend, and I want to get right to the “surprise” secret–go here!


  1. Jersey Lady says:

    Yay for you and BP! I am so happy you got the milker and BP approves. Now our MinnieCow and BP are twins because the are both Jerseys and they have the same milker.

  2. NancyL says:

    I can’t wait until you can try the new “milk maid” on Clover! And you mentioned the sheep earlier – do you drink sheep’s milk and make soap out of it like with the goats?

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. farmershae says:

    But will it milk a donkey? 😆 I’m all kinds of jealous of your new toy!

  4. yvonnem says:

    Woo-hoo!!! That must be the best thing you could get to help you out! So much going on, can’t wait to see Weston and Morgan all dressed up for prom.

    :heart: to you all!

  5. Pete says:

    Awwwww, you are just going to LOVE it!

    Congrats!! :moo:

  6. denisestone says:

    Where does the vacuum pressure come from? Is it electric? Gas powered? I have studied larger systems in my Dairy Production class. Had no idea that they made portable systems. Wow!

  7. Kat43082 says:

    Very nice. I’m excited to read all about it.

  8. Jersey Lady says:

    denisestone-The vacuum pump is electric just like the big ones.I have seen Amish milk with gas powered ones but plugging in is so much easier. Just search online for portable milking machines.

  9. twiggityNDgoats says:

    Suzanne I’m so happy you love your machine! Aren’t milking machines just awesome? Now I don’t know what I would do without mine. It cuts milking time dramatically. I can feel my hands again!

  10. princessvanessa says:

    I am so happy for you. I bet the automatic milker will help you have “cleaner” milk. Much less chance of foreign objects (cow hairs, specks of dirt, etc.) getting into the milk pail. Gives your hands and wrists a much needed rest.

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