News Brief


Dateline: Stringtown Rising Farm

A buff hen was arrested Sunday after she was discovered engaging in unauthorized hatching. The single mother of one made no comment when she was arraigned in the farm garden. Numerous goats and one large calf witnessed the event and reported seeing the hen deliberately sitting on eggs. The involvement of a rooster is suspected, but he has yet to be identified. The hen has also been charged with poaching tomatoes.

The chick is being held in protective custody.


  1. Flowerpower says:

    Who is going to be the foster parent? Clover!!! :happyflower:

  2. Journey11 says:

    What a nice surprise! 😀

  3. Miss Judy says:

    Always a wonderful surprise to find new babies! My grandsons one time found 15 newly hatched baby chicks in the mule barn. Boy did that liven things up down on the farm!

  4. Anita says:

    Aww, she might be a good mama!

  5. tinamanley says:

    We put three guinea eggs from an abandoned nest under our broody hen. They hatched! The three guinea babies are learning to scratch from their surrogate mother. Everybody is happy!

  6. chickenherd says:

    Cool! Did she only have one egg? Can we see pictures of the baby?

  7. holstein woman says:

    Can I borrow her, I got 14 eggs to hatch for a woman and my 2 hens got so confused about which ones were theirs and not to eat that I had to buy her 14 chicks, now I get to brood them with the others. Oh well.

  8. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl says:

    Sometimes they just do their thing, whether you want them to or not!!

    And, today I can post, whereas yesterday nothing I did worked. Not even the suggestions you send. Ah, well. The gremlins were about, I guess. Have a good day!!

  9. [email protected] says:

    ive tried 3 times to leave comment…this is it..will see..

  10. [email protected] says:

    ok now i said dont you name the chickens? she looks like a Lucy to me with red feathers. ha. also why are so many feathers missing..she been fighting? love your stories and recipes and pix of animals. love this site. thanks. jj

  11. Julia K says:

    Congrats again on the new addition. What a nice surprise.

  12. Liz Pike says:

    I’m just so glad an APB wasn’t necessary!! I love broody hens!

  13. lavenderblue says:

    How do you ever find all the chickens, chicks and eggs when they free-range, anyway? It must be like Easter every day!

  14. elfoss says:

    do you thinks its a good idea to keep chickens and goats together? my mom amd i are planing on getting about a dozen chickens, maby more, and 3 goats. if i can find any people with goats in NE that arnt expensive.

  15. Linda Goble says:

    I too would love a pic. of the chick. Such a clever momma. She knew you would take her eggs. LOL

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