Note From the Swamp


Surfacing! Finally! This has been an overwhelming spring. The only time in weeks I’ve had a moment to breathe between Etsy shop orders (see my Etsy shop!) and workshops and the farm and all three kids coming home for a week in there, too, was when the internet went out for nearly a week and a half. Of course, I found other things to do, but. It was kinda nice! But frustrating. (Don’t get me started on Frontier.)

Soon as I got back online, I discovered I had a wholesale order for 100 soaps from Sharp’s Country Store. I’ve sidestepped wholesale thus far. (I’m a small one-woman operation. I’m busy enough as it is.) But I couldn’t resist this one when Tom Shipley wrote me–this store is so charming and historic, and he was so nice, I just had to do it. (Which added to my ongoing overwhelming at the time.) If you’re ever up Seneca Trail in Pocahontas County (WV, of course) in Slatyfork, you can’t miss it. There’s a man always falling out the window! And now they’re selling my Chickens in the Road soaps inside. (That’s the 100 bars pictured above before I packed them off to ship to Sharp’s.) The store was on Road Trippin’ a few years ago and I think you’ll enjoy the video.

Meanwhile, I’ll be back! Thank you for worrying about me! I’ve got a new bread I can’t wait to share with you tomorrow. (Really!)


  1. yvonnem says:

    HI! Thanks for the post – we can all stop worrying now. My husband and I have driven by that store. We love Pocahontas County. It’s awesome they are selling your soap! :snoopy:

  2. yvonnem says:

    P.S. I showed my husband this post and he said “If she makes soap for them again, we can stop by and pick it up and deliver it for her”. He’s serious too – free same day pick-up and delivery just so he has an excuse to go to Pocahontas County….LOL!

  3. carla anne says:

    Glad you finally surfaced and everything’s all good!

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