Now There’s an Odd Egg


I think one of the hens must have been drinking yesterday….


  1. wkyangel says:

    I’ve been getting one like that about twice a week from my barred rock. I reckon she’s been sneaking into the fermented grain before I dole it out! Go figure!

  2. Joell says:

    OH My!! that is an odd looking egg, but there again, when you reach my age, you realize that you have MET a lot of odd eggs!

  3. jan n tn says:

    We would call those the “rocks”. Usually the first time egg, from the young hen. They more than likely don’t have a yolk.

  4. ClaudiaL says:

    The chicken just needs a lessons from the other chickens! That is an odd egg! Are you sure some other kind of bird didn’t sneak in when no one was looking?

  5. Kessala says:

    I’ve heard that called a “fart egg”.

    Isn’t it cute?

  6. GA_in_GA says:

    I have a pretty etched glass sugar bowl in a glass cabinet. All of the fart eggs go into it. They dry out and do not smell. And I get to enjoy the colors.

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