Oatmeal Morning


Yesterday, it rained off and on then overnight we got a blanket of snow a few inches deep. Enough to cover the ground and close school. Since all it had done was rain by the time I went to bed, I did a double take early this morning when I opened the door to let a cat out and discovered all that snow.

Some of my friends I email with were talking about oatmeal this morning, which made me have to have some. I like oatmeal with brown sugar and a little milk or cream if I have it. You? Snow on the ground, it’s a perfect oatmeal morning here!


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  1. Miss Judy says:

    This morning I wondered why I didn’t make some crockpot steel cut oats before I went to bed last night…I like to put dried apples, brown sugar and cinnamon in the crockpot when I start the oats.

  2. Joell says:

    We have oatmeal quite especially in the cold winter months. We also use brown sugar, I like the dark brown variety, my Husband likes his with milk, I usally have mine with out and some times add a bit of cinnamon sugar from my sugar shaker. Hot ceral warms the tummy and soothes the soul.

  3. foofeee says:

    I like to add in some raisins. I prefer dark brown sugar as well, but I won’t complain about light brown.

  4. stacylee says:

    The same thing happened to us the night before last! I went to bed about 11pm, and woke up at 8am, BAM, 5 inches of snow! I had no idea it was coming. But, I had to dig my car out and go to work, no oatmeal for me. When we do have oatmeal we do the steel cut oats in my mini crockpot with apples, cinnamon, and whatever else sounds oatmealy that night, frozen blueberries are great.

  5. brookdale says:

    Yes, we love oatmeal here too. With brown sugar and cream, of course! In fact sometimes it’s supper, if we’ve had a “big” dinner at noontime.
    I’ve never cooked the steel cut oats…are there directions on FarmBell?

  6. mjpeters says:

    Sunny CA morning with today’s high forecast at 73•. But it’s still oatmeal time–brown sugar, butter and a bit of the heavy cream leftover from the holidays. Perfect.

  7. razzintaz says:

    I have oatmeal almost every morning. I love it. I’ll have to post an overnight recipe over on farm bell.. Oatmeal is amazing!

  8. RosieJo says:

    You do make your own brown sugar, don’t you? One cup white sugar with one Tablespoon molasses. Mix well. A little adjustment depending on whether you want it to be light or dark.

  9. fowlers says:

    Oatmeal….love it…my hips not so much, I put sweetend condenced milk in mine….maybe that’s what’s causing my hips to spread ? ? hmm things to make ya think….it’s so dang yummy in the tummy though…. :heart:

  10. outbackfarm says:

    I love maple syrup and brown sugar. But lately, I put dried cranberries in the water before the oatmeal to soften them up. Then add walnuts and maple syrup. Also chopped apples and walnuts. Oatmeal is SO good. And keeps me going on cold mornings.

  11. PattiLynn says:

    Love oatmeal! I bake Pumpkin Oatmeal with spices etc. makes 4-6 servings. Each morning I take one serving out, micro it 2 mins, add a little butter, add a little milk. Stir, Heavenly!

  12. Pete says:

    Oh, I do miss oatmeal! Used to eat plenty of it, but it is on the list of things to avoid for those prone to gout and/or arthritis. No idea why, but since that advice came from the Mayo Clinic, I am taking it. :hissyfit:

    (And the arthritis is better, and no more gout attacks. Was soooo hoping that would not be the case because I LOVE OATMEASL!)

  13. easygoinglady says:

    steel cut oats in crockpot….i do mine in small crockpot for two large servings….2/3 cups steel cut oats, a little butter, sprinkle of salt (opt). and 3 cups of water, +/- depending on consistency desired. I put it in the crockpot in the evening and its ready in the morning.

    New version in MASON jar in crockpot. In each wide mouth mason jar, I put 1/4 cup steel cut and 1 cup of water, a bit of butter and salt. then sit in crockpot full of water up to the beginning of where the lid screws on. then do the same…cook over night.

    In the morning, just eat it out of the wide mouth pint, no crockpot to clean up! Also even if I am home alone, i can easily just do one serving. If I do two or three servings in the mason jars, i use a large crockpot. I came up with this idea after reading about sous vide cooking. and it worked really great. So good, its how I do it all the time now. Bonus: you can customize each jar. one with raisins, one without…one with apples and cinnamon. well you ge the idea.

    Cant beat the oats cooked like that all nice and hot for a cold morning. good breakfast even if you are in a hurry.

  14. holstein woman says:

    I enjoy oatmeal with brown sugar, raw milk, and butter, or no milk and butter.
    We’re having a spring winter, I’m praising the Lord for it.

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