October Surprise


Snow. In October! We have power. We had a lot of rain overnight, which turned to snow, but not much here. Maybe a couple inches, enough to cover the ground. The real snow is in the higher elevations. (We’re not that high here. The blizzard in West Virginia that you hear about on the news is in the mountains north and south of here. We are really just in the foothills.) The snow is a wet, wet, wet snow, though, which is a power outage waiting to happen as heavy, wet snow weights trees. I’ll go through this day as if a power outage may happen any moment. There are power outages all around us in this area already. I’m prepared.

Meanwhile, as soon as it was light, I was out at the barn to check on the animals. Zip was so eager to get out of the barn, I was afraid she’d break the gate down in her strong-willed determination, so I let those crazy horses outta there.

I could hear limbs breaking on trees in the woods–never an encouraging sound.

Coco and Chloe raced in the snow. This is Chloe’s first snow.

The horses checked out the pasture gate before settling in to attempt to graze. (HORSES! What is wrong with them? There is hay in the dry, warm barn.) The pasture gate is closed. No pasture for horses today. The sheep, after refusing to take shelter in the goat house (REALLY) were eager to get in the barn.

I opened up the gate to the alleyway and let the sheep and donkeys in, and am leaving it open so the horses can come back when they return to their senses. I’ve got all three stalls open inside, and three bales of hay on carts and a wheelbarrow so everyone can spread out in there. Poky seemed pretty dampened this morning in her spirits from the cold, and the goats have room to get away from her if she gets frisky. Goats show they are the smartest animals on the farm by staying constantly in the barn. (Though, I did find Glory Bee and BP tucked in their stall, so they did some thinking.)

School is closed today–not sure why, but maybe just because of flooding at the low water bridges. Morgan thinks she still has volleyball sectionals this evening at the high school. We’ll see. Meanwhile, we are warm, and I’m off to make eggs and biscuits and see what the day brings.

Hope you are well where you are!


  1. Virginia Farmgirl says:

    Beautiful!! Glad you didn’t get really bad weather.

  2. MousE says:

    I second that! Glad you are doing ok, and that the stubborn horses are fine, too. :snoopy:

  3. SarahGrace says:

    We’re without power over this way. It went out earlier this morning. No flooding this way. Road must be slick because I haven’t seen anyone go by. Stay warm and safe!

  4. Flowerpower says:

    I am glad you are ok after seeing all the weather reports concerning
    WV. I could imagine you with snow up to your….well whatever snow gets up to! Hope you dont lose power! Be safe! :happyflower:

  5. mamajhk says:

    Loved the first picture. Glad to see you are safe and sound and warm and dry. All of you on the east coast stay safe.

  6. Jersey Lady says:

    Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you are OK. It is a miserable day out here in IN, but we are thankful considering all the mess and troubles to the east.

  7. shirley T says:

    You deserve some good luck. I know it feels good to have a safe and dry place for the four legged DEARS. I live in Southern Va and I woke up to two feet of snow and still snowing, no high winds so far, just a little gusty. :help:

  8. willsahna says:

    Your farm looks so pretty in the snow! I’m so glad you have better roads at this farm, if Morgan does have to get out. Don’t be surprised if your carts and wheelbarrows get ruined. Horses are big, strong, destructive animals. They will probably stomp them and tear them up if left in close proximity. That is why horse people and bars usually use hay bags that hang or hay racks on the wall for horses.

  9. RosieJo says:

    The new farm has brought out the best in you! You are one smart woman and it really shows!!

  10. Ronni says:

    So happy to see your post & have made it through the night. With all the reports I had you in mind & prayers all night here in Illinois. The photos are beautiful , love seeing the dogs run in the snow. Hope the weather I proves as the day goes on & I hope your power stays on. Take care …. Would love to be there sharing biscuits & apple butter with you !

  11. Barbee says:

    Last photo, upper left quad: appears to be a grove of conifers I didn’t know you have. Nothing more beautiful in snow. May get some broken branches, but nothing is prettier than the sound of breezes moving through them… one of my most favorite sounds. Our few have been battered by weather, but I keep them just for that sound. As I write this it seems I can smell them, fresh and cool. Love it!

  12. jodiezoeller says:

    Glad the farm-ily is all well and that you didn’t get hit by too much snow. I’ve been thinking good thoughts for all my friends out that way. Haven’t heard from Boston yet, but others did OK.

  13. California Paintbrush says:

    So glad you are not “buried” in snow. After hearing news reports we are glad you weren’t in the “blizzard area”. A little snow is beautiful, too much it’s a real pain. It has been so nice to find your site and someday hope to meet you in person. Take care!

  14. SuzieQ says:

    Glad all is well there. :woof:

  15. Peace Of Mind says:

    The storm is not over here in Michigan!! The winds are still howling and Lake Michigan has 20 foot waves which …
    I kind you not…some fools are surfing those waves…..So far today, from my office window I have seen rain, sleet, hail and snow in the air…And the Universe is not done yet..these indeed are Winds of Change for All Mankind…Be Safe!!!
    Blessed Be @ peace of mind

  16. Journey11 says:

    I would have thought you all would have more in your location. In Ripley, 20 mins from here, they got about 2″ and it’s melting. In Mt. Alto, on my ridge at ~900 ft. elevation, we have 8″ and it’s STILL coming down hard. What a weird storm!

    Enjoyed all the pics of the critters playing in the snow. The red barn against the snow dusted hills…gives me such a cozy feeling. Very pretty.

  17. Diane says:

    Glad all is good at your place. Here in Westmoreland county PA we got about the same weather you did. And schools was all closed. We did have some roads that was flooded and snow on the ridges where some of our school district is.

    Glad all your animals did well though the storm. 🙂 Funny abut the goats and cows being the smartest of all the animals. lol.

  18. Izzy says:

    Happy to see that you are all OK.

  19. VictorianGirl says:

    Suzanne, so glad to hear all is well with you. I’ve been thinking about you and hoping and praying for your safety. The photos you took are beautiful and the animals certainly look happy and content. Here in upstate NY we have been truly blessed with the weather. Yesterday was windy and we had a little rain but nothing much to speak of and we did not have the 50 mph gusts predicted. We were well prepared for the worst but thank God we’re all safe and no power outages or damage to the house. Stay well and God bless.

  20. JerseyMom says:

    Power is back on at home but no internet or telephone. I’m at work today though so had a chance to look in and see if you were getting the snow. We are safe here at the Jersey shore, although I did lose my car to Hurricane Sandy. I consider myself extremely blessed. So many, many people here have lost everything.

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