An Oddity, and the Girls


My friend Jerry (aka my official photographer) stopped by this weekend to shoot a new gun he had gotten and to sight my .22 and 30-30, which were both a little off. We went way back to the woods at the back of this field, to get far enough away from the horses. Horses always act like they think someone’s out to get them and gunfire freaks them out. The cows, on the other hand, come right up to the gate as if asking to come in on the other side and see the shooting up close. The funny thing is, people are out to get cows! Yet it’s the horses who get scared.

Odd, that!


  1. cabynfevr says:

    Not so odd when you consider the scariest thing in the world to a horse is a plastic bag blowing in the wind! Cows seem to have the calmness of a good ole draft horse. 🙂

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