Off to the Vet


Poor Casper wants to be with Coco so badly. We have been letting him in periodically to visit with her, but there are also cats in the house and Casper harasses them plays with them and they don’t appreciate it, so he can only be inside for short periods then back out. Before the cats turn suicidal.

We’ll be off to the vet as soon as they open. I went to Petsmart yesterday and got a new pretty pink harness for Coco. She had chewed up her last one. (That is indicative of how she feels about harnesses.) But the only way I can trust to handle her out in public is on a harness. I’d die if she got away from me in the parking lot at the vet’s office. I might put two leads on the harness so Morgan and I can both hold on to her. I might put her in a gilded cage atop my pillow and lock her in my bedroom afterward, too. (The last time we took her to the vet for shots, we kept her in the car and the vet came out to the parking lot and gave her the shots through the car window! Obviously, she will have to go inside this time.)

The second miracle of this 24 hours will be if Morgan and I can push, prod, heft, haul, beg her into the car to begin with.

I will update when we get back from the vet.


  1. mamawolf says:

    This is the perfect way to start my day/week. So glad Coco is home and safe. Like so many others I spent a lot of time checking for updates the past few days. :snoopy:

  2. KellyWalkerStudios says:

    You’ll get her there. Tempt her with a special treat. I know you have something delicious there that she would want! Let us know how it goes. So happy she is home. :snoopy:

  3. easygoinglady says:

    Yes, tempt her with her favorite treats. But also, she is going to know you are helping her, so hopefully she will cooperate better. :snoopy:

  4. ingrid66 says:

    Good luck – so glad she’s back! :happyfeet:

  5. Darlene in North GA says:

    Hopefully, they xray her hip and make sure it isn’t broken/dislocated.

    We found a dog on the road limping. It seems that she had been hit by a car. It had happened some time in the weeks prior to my kids finding her. When the vet xrayed her, it had healed out of place and by that time had grown a “pad” around the injured area, so they did nothing – it would have just caused her more, unnecessary pain. But she lived a good life anyway – no trace of the limp she had when we rescued her.

  6. Darlene in North GA says:

    Oh, and I would also recommend muzzling her when you try to get her into the car.

    My little Baxter who only weighs about 13 lbs. Somehow, he injured his paw while on an outside potty break. I heard him yelp and immediately went to investigate. When I TRIED to pick him up, he snarled and tried to bite me and it wouldn’t have been a “nip” either! Had I not had good reflexes, he would have severely bitten me. He is a VERY sweet dog! He tried to bite, not because he’s vicious, but because he was in so much pain and he realized that moving him would caused more, so he defended himself.

    I would, under NO circumstances try to maneuver Coco without having her rendered unable to bite anyone – either you or the vet team! ANY dog in severe pain will normally bite – even the people they love. It’s a protective reflex. And you’re going to be trying to do something she already doesn’t like, so she is unlikely to want to cooperate. The minute you try to lift her, she will try to stop you. Move her the wrong way and it will cause her great pain and she will try to bite. Why don’t you try calling the vet and see what they suggest as a good way to accomplish the move to the car.

  7. Diane says:

    Coco looks happy to be home. She is smiling in that photo. ๐Ÿ™‚ Take treats with you to tempt her out of the car. She might be grateful and just work with you today. Animals are funny that way. They understand us better than we think. Hope all goes well at the vet and you get good news about her leg. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. CATRAY44 says:

    Coco looks so happy! I pray for a peace-filled, uneventful trip to the vet… that Coco would understand you are helping her. No fear. Looking forward to a great report from the vet!

  9. doodlebugroad says:

    Perhaps a bit late for this suggestion, but what about putting her blanket and treats inside one of the cages you used to transport the goats. At least she would be confined. You would just need to figure a way to load the cage with her in it into your vehicle.

  10. Sonia says:

    A well loved member of the family. We love you Coco!!!… and you too Casper ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. oneoldgoat says:

    Oh, lots of prayers for a safe journey and vet visit!


  12. PaulaClark says:

    My hubby found a homeless dog who was limping on her back leg. He loaded her in his truck and brought her home. She had an old injury to her hip and with some Rimadyl, good nutrition and a soft bed she has almost no limp now. Only when she plays too hard. She is about 7 years old now and still thinks she is a big puppy, all 100 pounds of her.

  13. GA_in_GA says:

    Coco seems to be smiling a bit too much about being inside this morning. Perhaps it is because Casper is outside, looking in!

    Hope the trip to the vet goes smoothly.

  14. wildcat says:

    Awww, Coco looks so happy to be home! Look, she’s smiling! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good luck at the vet! I second the suggestion to muzzle her. I know she is a sweet dog, but it’s just a good idea. You never know what a dog will do when they are hurt and/or scared.

  15. woolylamb says:

    Happy dog! Waiting to hear…

  16. lattelady says:

    Ask the vet re sedatives for use prior to next visit.
    If you can get her into the crate, you two women can get that crate into the truck.

  17. FujiQ says:

    It’s probably too late to start now (well, it’s not too late but will take more work) to train her to enjoy going to the vet. You have to spend several visits going without doing anything. It’s worth it, though, to have a dog who does not battle you! Our huskies really know how to pull on their harnesses, I wish I would have trained them better for their yearly vet visit. You may want to try a halti-collar, which is like a head collar. It looks like a muzzle but it’s a “gentle lead” that leads the dog’s head kind of like a halter for livestock.

  18. Dottie says:

    Thank GOD Coco is home. I’ve been checking a dozen times every day all day long hoping for good news.

    I was away from home all day yesterday, but as soon as I got home I was hoping and checking again. When I saw the post title
    A MIRACLE I got goose bumps! So many thoughts, and emotions, can run through your mind in just a few seconds. I was franticly making a mess clicking all over the place trying to get to the post.

    I’m so happy and relieved that Coco is home.

    I sure hope the vet visit goes well. I’ll bet you and Morgan are so happy to have her back that you wont even mind how much pushing and pulling and begging it takes to get her to the vets.

  19. Miss Judy says:

    Love the smile! So glad she’s back.

  20. beforethedawn says:

    Hope this all goes well with Coco!

    We bought a no-pull harness for our Pyr. I don’t take him on a leash without it! When he sees it, he gets excited and wants it on because he knows that means we’re going somewhere. He loves going for walks.

  21. Barbee says:

    I haven’t read all the comments yet, so this may be a duplicate. I’m sure that poor hip and leg are extremely sore with deep bruising and no telling what else. Wonder if there would be a way to devise “steps” that she would/could go up to get in and out of the car. When we were children my brother adopted a stray who had one shriveled hind leg. He skipped along on the one good one and lived a happy life for many years. He and our pet duck took turns chasing each other. The duck would pull the long flag hairs on his tail, Butch would grab the duck and tackle him. We had to put a stop to the fun for fear he would break the duck’s back. Butch was a fun dog. Now, I will read the comments.

  22. rileysmom says:

    Crossing fingers, hoping’ and prayin’ and checking back for the vet report….though Coco looks pretty good.

  23. Debbie in PA says:

    I was so happy to read your post yesterday! I am having an awful time of it here, and your news of Coco’s return just made me smile inside. I love the piture of her and Morgan that you posted yesteday.

    By now, i am sure that somehow you have gotten her to the vet. My dog Bandit used to hate to go as well. First, there was the hurdle of the commerative statute of a German Sheppard representing 911 rescue dogs at the entrance way. Full size. Totally freaked him out. Many times. Then, there’s the slippery floor, which for a well behaved dog wouldn’t be a problem, but for a restless pup like Bandit, is a problem! What i did have going for me is that he loves to ride in the car. So i make sure to take him on rides that are not related to anything stressful, just for the joy of riding.

    About a year ago, we began a rather lengthy and expensive series of trips to the vets related to problems with his rear legs. He ended up needing surgury on one knee, and may need to get the other one done in the future (pray that he doesn’t need it!!!) Anyway, he got so much love and attention there, he now loves going there, and it’s all i can do to keep him from trotting down the hallway to put himself in an exam room!

    Good luck today–looking forward to reading your update.

  24. denisestone says:

    I am glad Coco is safe. I read ystrday how she returned but never knew she had disappeared. Can you post your original link to what happened? How did she get hurt?

  25. Ms.Becky says:

    I’m just very very happy that she’s once again in your care and back home. Not knowing her whereabouts was the worst. Oh happy day. I hope she heals well and fast.

  26. gardnerh says:

    I hope all worked out well at the vet. Mishka (our big white dog) is ok at the vet but does not like getting in the car. If Coco’s like Mishka, no amount of treats will get that stubborn flock guardian to go anywhere that he doesn’t want to…..he just gives you that “Oh, really?” look. I think after the vet, you will both need to go home and take a long nap – doctor’s orders?

  27. Grouchymama says:

    Now that is what I call a SMILE. Coco is thrilled to be home and IN THE HOUSE. You must have such a gigantic load off your back knowing where she is and that she is going to be all right. Let us know what the vet says about Coco. :shimmy: :shimmy:

  28. MaryB says:

    CoCo is smiling…. and that made me smile! (((hugs))) to Coco

  29. SusieD says:

    I’m so happy CoCo is back and safe. Hope everything goes well at the vet!

  30. BuckeyeGirl says:

    @ denisestone and others who haven’t seen the whole story. Go to the top of the page and click on “Barn” The first is about her return, but if you scroll down the page, Feb 10’s post is “A Crushing Event” and then Feb 12’s is about her return. If you’re like me, you’ll cry through reading them both.

  31. Claudia W says:

    Look at that smile!!! I think is so happy to be home. Maybe, just maybe she is so happy, she will cooperate with you and the trip to the vet. :french:

  32. carolynm says:

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    I love your site so much I”m sharing a blogger award with you “Most Versatile Blogger”. Stop by my blog to accept your award!

  33. Karen H says:

    I also am happy that coco is home. Hopefully the damage is small and will heal quickly. We will be waiting to hear what the vet has to say. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  34. NancyL says:

    Good luck! And, BTW, I think your idea of 2 leads is great!

  35. CATRAY44 says:

    Saying prayers for you, too, Debbie in PA! :hug:

  36. Sheryl says:

    Aww, look at that face-she’s so glad to be home. Thank-you, Lord for bringing Coco home.

  37. oct4luv says:

    Yay!!! I squealed when I opened your site this morning and saw Coco’s happy face smiling back at me! I’m so relieved for you all that Coco is home safe and sound. :woof:

  38. wvhomecanner says:

    regarding the crates/cages for the goats and taking Coco in one of those? I saw Coco 10 days ago. I saw the crates. Ummm I don’t think they match up LOL she’s a BIG girl! :woof:


  39. Angela P says:

    We were all soooo happy to hear that she had returned. Huge sigh of relief! Vet visits can be hard on all us. The pets and us the payers. Prayers have been answered! Thank GOD for all his greatness!Welcom Home Cocoa!!!!

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