This is what it looks like here this morning. It’s supposed to rain off and on all day today and tomorrow, possibly turning into snow showers by tomorrow evening and into Saturday. I would like nothing better than to hole up during this pre-game shot from Winter, but Morgan has volleyball tonight and Weston has a football game tomorrow night (and an SAT test in Charleston on Saturday morning). Our driveway and road will be slippery.

Weston’s also going to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra tonight in Charleston with his girlfriend. I’m not going on this date, though. The girlfriend’s mother is in charge of this one. I never get to go on the good dates! Hmmph. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to go to Charleston tonight. Our driveway and road will be slippery. Have I mentioned that??? Not that I don’t have to go out tonight anyway to Spencer for volleyball.

I don’t like slippery.


  1. joycee says:

    Too early for snow!! I guess my opinion doesn’t count much with Mother Nature though. It’s blustery here today and our blast is coming tomorrow night..brrr!

  2. Ramona says:

    I don’t blame you on not going out. I tend to stick around the house and leave the road to the crazies that drive like maniacs.

  3. Linda Segerson says:

    I don’t like slippery either. Its going to get cold here in West TN this weekend, going to cook a pot of chicken, (Sorry), vegetable soup! I also hope to make the Chocolate Bread recipe you posted from Farm Bell Recipes. I know it will be a hit!

  4. wvhomecanner says:

    Having driven up to your house, I can REALLY understand this LOL! :hole:

  5. highlandview says:

    I’m in Mon County and it has been raining all day. But, it feels to warm for snow yet. At least I hope so!

  6. Eve Davis says:

    when you clean out you fire place put the ashes in the driveway, it helps keep the ice down. I hope you got your stocking up done or almost done, looks like your caterpillar will be right, you will have a rough winter and it is coming in early. Be safe. Have you thought of gettng some cross country skies !

  7. EBet says:

    I love the Trans Siberian Orchestra! And snow, Oh how I love snow, I’m sorry it makes your road such a mess.

  8. Charley says:

    I’m glad there isn’t much chance of snow here in Oregon yet, Ihaven’t done any stocking up. Not that we get much snow here, but it makes me feel better to have some stuff on hand. You know, just in case it ever decides to let it rip! 🙂

  9. IowaCowgirl says:

    I hear ya….I hate slippery. (But I love winter….go figure.)

  10. Joy says:

    Well, Suzanne, given that you now have a junked car sitting on your property due to those windy, twisty roads I don’t blame you for not looking forward to anything that makes it even worse driving. Feel sorry for Weston though. Having had the freedom of being THE DRIVER to go back to have a mom-driver to take you on dates, to school, practice whatever is hard on a guy…..not to mention a Mom.

  11. Louise says:

    Uh oh Suzanne, winter must have been reading your picking up sticks post…….you invited her in!

  12. Jane says:

    That photo is very appealing to me. I am in Florida and I have NO idea why I am still here.
    Weston and GF should have a good time. TSO = Awesome! That is probably one date I would have decided to chaperone!

  13. claudia w says:

    I’m with you…I’d rather hole up in front of the wood stove and bake some cookies or something, anything rather than go out in that weather. Just be careful! Take it s-l-o-w and easy!

  14. Melissa says:

    I love fog. Please send some my way.

  15. Angela P says:

    Im with ya Suzanne, I dont like slippery either. We are due for the same weather as you. Im not looking forward to it. BOth my kids drive to and fro to college, my husband drives about 100 miles a day back and forth to work. I dont like slippery, icey, snowy when we have to drive….
    Be safe everyone!

  16. Cheryl LeMay says:

    I’d rather focus on the positive in your post-you said possibly turn into snow showers. Well, there’s the possibility it won’t either. If the meteorologists in your area are like mine, they’ll be way off. I think what they do is look at all the forecast models the computer spits out and choose the one that will have everyone tuning in to their station to hear more. They like to make us scared.It’s all about ratings.So think positive.

  17. JOJO says:

    :woof: Isn’t something how the hills are always beautiful, even without their make-up.

  18. CasieD says:

    Oh that’s too bad that you can’t tag along and see Trans-Siberian!! They are really a once in a life time must see!!

  19. Barbee' says:

    That photo gives me a sense of quiet and stillness. Yes, too bad you can’t stay home and just enjoy it. But, there will be time for that in future years. For now, hope you are enjoying the hectic noisy life with teenagers (and I think you are). There was just one year that we had 4 teenagers ages ranging 13 to 19. I doubt that snow is almost there. Ice? Well, the ground is still quite warm.

  20. DragonLady says:

    Suzanne: That’s an eerie and beautiful picture of the mountains (or “hills” to some). Superb!

  21. catslady says:

    It’s miserable here in Pgh. too and I’m still sick (yuk)but I am going to get to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra later this month :yes:

  22. LisaAJB says:

    Ohh, I’ll take them! I wanna go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra!!! I’m looking out my window right now at the naked trees against the gray sky thinking how possible snow is right now. EWWW!

  23. Patsy says:

    That’s a beautiful shot….I just love misty pictures.

  24. Darlene in North Ga says:

    I just checked the weather for No. Ga.
    It’s supposed to snnnooowww, it’s supposed to snnnoooww. :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy: Ok, Only for about a 3 hr window, but let the games begin!!! :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy: :woof: :woof:

  25. Deb says:

    Sometimes I think we live parallel lives! We saw TSO last night in Des Moines and my daughter took the ACT last Saturday. Yesterday I tried out a recipe for beer soap, using a “fireside nut brown” beer. But no snow predicted here!

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