On the Road Again


A few days ago, I took Weston to Morgantown to the Army recruiting center to finish up some final processing. Tomorrow, I’m taking him to Pittsburgh where I will be attending his official swearing in at the federal building on Tuesday morning. From there, he belongs to the Army.

I’ll post from the riverfront tomorrow evening–I hear it’s beautiful.

Meanwhile, I took Maia to the Clendenin library on Saturday.
I seriously don’t think a single person noticed me walking down the street with a goat in a tutu. You can get away with anything in Clendenin! I brought a chicken with me, too. Maia peed and pooped in the library, and so did the chicken, but the chicken only messed on my shirt. Maia messed on the library floor. I told them they were real live animals!!!

P.S. I’ll be at the Elk Valley branch library on Monday, May 19, at 6 p.m. to give the same talk including Maia and a chicken. Might not be the same chicken. Will be whatever chicken I can catch. Though this hen is prone to being captured–she’s the same hen that appears on the cover of my book.


  1. yvonnem says:

    …”I seriously don’t think a single person noticed me walking down the street with a goat in a tutu.”…

    I’m guessing no one noticed because they were all inside waiting for you!

    Happy Mother’s Day, Suzanne and to ALL mothers!!! :purpleflower: :heart:

  2. Cousin Mark says:

    I figure that you are the height of the small town gossip circuit as “who is that crazy woman who dresses up farm animals and leads them around town?”……. What is next a cow in a MOO MOO dress????? A Chicken in a turtle neck sweater??? A Great Pyrenees in a Poka
    DOT poodle skirt and bobbie socks? I hate to see what you would do with a pair of bib overalls on a horse’s a##. All the combination and possibilities , endless????? Did you ever have a Barbie doll when you were young?

  3. Diane says:

    If I saw that goat in a Tutu I would stop and look. lol. Odd no one noticed you. hmm

    Enjoy Pittsburgh its a beautiful City!! I’m about an hour from there. Love going down to see the rivers. Visit Point State Park if you are in that area.I think its one of the best places to take in the city. Or Mount Washington has the best view too. There is an incline you can take up to the top which is very cool.

    I know you will be very busy saying good buy to your son. Tell him thank you for serving our country. Its takes special people to sing up for such a job.

  4. joykenn says:

    I think that chicken is a prima donna who secretly LOVES the limelight. Watch out for that one or she’ll be riding Maia and taking bows. 😀

    Is Weston requesting certain training in the army or what? (My father was navy so I don’t know how the army works.) I’ve lost track but I thought he started college just a few years ago. Does he need some “time out” to decide what he wants to do or is he planning on making the military a career?

  5. michellecapps says:

    Maybe a pull up on the goat? You cut a hole for her tail.little girly ones would be cute.

  6. Pat says:

    You’ve had so much going on in your life lately, and you’ve handled it all with grace. Just want to say that I admire you and really miss you when you are gone. From Eastern NC

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