On the Roof!


There are four men–and yikes, is that a kid???–on my roof this morning!

That freaks me out a little and I’m not even the one on the roof. The barn roof is getting its new “do” today!


  1. Stick Horse Cowgirls says:

    Do whatever you can to save that barn! They are fast disappearing from the landscape of our country! People will not realize what’s been lost til they are all gone!

  2. SarahGrace says:

    Yay! No worries about the kid. That kid probably knows how to do more things around a farm than we do! Plus, those men know at all times where that kid is at. 😀

  3. bbkrehmeyer says:

    get that kid off the roof! unless he carries insurance,you could be liable if he falls and is injured. barn will look good wjen its fancied up!!!!

  4. mds9 says:

    Tell me a little bit about what your putting on the roof?

  5. Jersey Lady says:

    Yay and well done, you for taking care of the barn roof. A good roof will keep your barn standing so much longer. I bet it is smiling and feeling the love.

  6. Sheila Z says:

    So glad you are having the barn roof recoated. Nothing sadder than seeing an old barn cave in because no one took care of the roof. Farm kids do fine with heights. I was climbing 60 ft silos as a kid and no one ever gave it a 2nd thought. Farm kids are tough.

  7. abhaya says:

    I’m curious as to what you used to do the roof. We have an old metal roofed barn that could use a similar treatment.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.



    • Suzanne McMinn says:

      Abhaya, there are various brands. If you go to your local hardware store, you can talk to them and see what they have in stock. I used a brand from my local hardware store. Just tell them you are looking for an aluminum roof coating for your barn and they’ll help you choose.

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