Oncoming Snowpocalypse


We’re expecting the snowstorm of the century this weekend–only because it’s a fairly new century, so there hasn’t been a snowfall this big here since 1996. Anywhere from one to two feet between today and tomorrow. So far, there’s still just the couple of inches on the ground that came down the other day. But supposedly things are changing in the next few hours. All the animals are up around the barn, tucking in for a blizzard!


  1. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl says:

    Y’all stay warm and safe up there. Looks like you’re in for some nasty weather. We’re expecting a bit of snow later today and tonight but ours will melt on Sunday and Monday.

  2. MousE says:

    I was watching that on the news, you all stay safe and warm!

  3. beforethedawn says:

    She looks ready in her fuzzy coat.

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