One-Eyed Girl


I’m hoping Morgan will find her other eye over the summer so that all her high school pictures won’t look like all her middle school pictures……


  1. Nancy says:

    I have to admit: that would drive me crazy. Then again ~ she’s a teenager. That’s probably what it’s supposed to do!


    Wishing you and yours a Happy & Safe Holiday Weekend!

  2. Townie Farm Girl says:

    She has Veronica Lake thing going on here…could be much worse!

  3. Elizared says:

    Oh, but look at the wonderful person she is underneath the hair. I can remember lifting the hair from TWO eyes of my SON about 20 years ago and telling him that I was glad that I knew what kind of person was underneath that hairsprayed bird’s nest. He is now a rather conservative father of two . with very short hair.. and still making his mama proud!!

  4. CindyP says:

    At least she’s not a three color streaked one eyed girl! Townie’s right, it could be MUCH worse! Is she still working on growing the bangs out to the rest of her hair? That would make her eyes pop more and she’d be more beautiful….do you really really want her to be more beautiful with all those boys in high school? Didn’t think so! (Think of all the driving to dates you’d be doing then!!! πŸ˜‰ ) πŸ˜†

  5. ssuther27 says:

    It’s not what’s on the outside but on the inside. My daughter used to dye her hair bright red and wear dark eyeliner but it didn’t matter to me as she was (and is) beautiful on the inside. Since those days she has grown into a beautiful woman with a daughter of her own and all the silly-ness of that fashion is long gone but the beauty on theinside remains

  6. Diane says:

    That is better than the black eyes, blue hair and piercings. πŸ™‚

    A summer project might be since she is going into the highschool she can get a new hair style. πŸ™‚

  7. Carmen C. says:

    She is a beautiful girl even with just *one* eye, LOL!

  8. Julie Curtis says:

    Yes, it could be worse, but that hair over the eye would drive me NUTS!!! Of course, with teenagers the more you say about it the more defiant they become, so it’s probably not something to fight over. Pick your battles.

  9. Suz in the Tules says:

    She’ll outgrow it…I remember my parents despairing over their ‘cyclops’ daughter!

  10. Angela says:

    I don’t know how she can see with her hair in front of her eye like That! Next time you take her to the eye doctor ask him if it will affect her eyesite. I think it can. Maybe that will help her other eye to see the light of day! Her hair is pretty.

  11. Mary Kellogg says:

    Well, it worked for Lauren Bacall…..

  12. Barbee' says:

    I think it’s all been said in the previous comments. She’s cute as a pup herself, and I like her spirit. I get a laugh out of it all, having reared 2 girls and 2 boys, and as they say: misery loves company. Hang in there!

  13. northcountrygirl says:

    You may want to check with an eye doctor to see if continually wearing bangs over one eye will affect her vision in the long run. She may be weakening her right eye by restricting the sight to it. I know the one-sided bangs are cool but check to be sure it’s not going to cause problems in the future. Better to be safe than sorry.

  14. Cheryl says:

    I don’t know how she stands it – that would drive me nuts. Girls will be girls…just sayin’ πŸ™‚

  15. Tracey In Paradise,Pa. says:

    :snoopy: I think Morgan is beautiful!! Its her signature look!!
    Hugs Granny

  16. Mary says:

    If it’s a concern that one eye will be weakened, she can always part her hair on the other side and cover the other eye for a while. πŸ™‚ Truthfully I think it’s all harmless. Veronica Lake was famous for that hairstyle.

  17. Nita in SC says:

    I just shared Morgan’s photo with my very own 13 yr old One-Eyed Girl, and she was all “what? It’s fine! That’s how everybody wears it!” Sometimes I can’t even pay attention to what she’s saying because I’m trying to find that hidden eye

  18. Bay says:

    My 2 year old granddaughter has the same hair. In all the pictures I took on her birthday, the hair is the only thing you see of her face in about half of them.

  19. IowaCowgirl says:

    I love Veronica Lake…from Wikipedia: “Looking back at her career years later, Lake remarked, “I never did cheesecake; I just used my hair.”

  20. Jenny35 says:

    Actually, the “one-eyed” look is effecting a many of a child’s eyesight. It does weaken the non-dominant eye. I know, try telling that to a hip and happening teenager and you’ll get the eye roll, but just sayin’…

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