One Good One


Photo by Jerry Waters.

My photographer friend Jerry came over today to take photos of me with the animals for my upcoming memoir. This involved Glory Bee breaking one of my nails, Zip eating the hat off my head, and Fanta biting my lip. (I wish I could explain that last one, but it’s really too embarrassing.)

At least we got a good picture of Glory Bee!


  1. Miss Judy says:

    I never noticed before…do all cows walk with both hooves from one side off the ground… at the same time?
    BTW she is a pretty little gal!

  2. bonita says:

    Love to schmoosh that top knot and skritch those ears!

  3. SarahGrace says:

    Glory Bee! I miss having her for a visit. She and Buttercup look like sisters. Is GloryBee starting to fill out any?
    Speaking for myself, I want to know how Fanta could bite your lip. :airkiss: Does Fanta not understand airkissing? :airkiss:

  4. wildcat says:

    She has such a beautiful face!

  5. JustJane says:

    Look how big our little girl has gotten and still as gorgeous as ever. Now about Fanta, you have GOT to share or we will have all kinds of strange imaginations as to how that happened!

  6. NancyL says:

    GB has certainly grown into a beautiful cow! I love the markings on her face.

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