Out and About


The girls have been out and about again. First it was Dumplin.
Then Moon Pie joined the party.
They were escaping from the upper pasture and going down to Glory Bee, who has been working in the milking parlor. The girls just don’t understand that mommy has to work! But. Finally figured out WHERE they’re getting out, so they’re back–in the right field. To their chagrin!

P.S. Taste of Sassafras Farm one-day retreat tomorrow. First retreat of the year!


  1. joykenn says:

    I’ve noticed that having a farm means a never-ending battle with FENCES! Keep the animals in and keep the critters out. (Barbed wire was hailed as a fantastic invention in the West for a reason.)

    Ah, the saga continues. Keep riding those fences looking for break outs.

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