Packing Up


The pigs are packing. We’ve got their big new pig pen in the meadow bottom ready!


  1. Bev says:

    I hope they are happy in there short little life…poor babies

  2. robin says:

    gonna have to build you a little “lean to” and bench down in the meadow to rest upon while you take care of all the critters!

  3. B. Ruth says:

    To Pigfred and Chicko….for the benefit thereof…..

    One little piggy went to market….(uh oh!)
    That little piggy stayed home….(no, no, no!)
    This little piggy was a “dancing” little piggy….(Oh yeah!)
    And he “boogie-woogied” all the way home….(‘movin’ and ‘groovin“!)

    PS…lest we wallow (sorry, Pigfred!) in our broodiness…!

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