Somebody let my cows out. Seriously. The first time, it was while I was in Texas. Luckily, my neighbor Jim was looking after my farm while I was gone and he got the cows back in. The second time, I was home, and it happened again.

Now the field is padlocked.
Do not mess with my cows. I walk softly and carry a large shotgun.


  1. liberalhippiequeen says:

    wow. I find that disturbing. Take it seriously ( I am sure you are). Start locking up the house too. I know we in the country are used to keeping everything wide open, but start latching up. Stay safe.

  2. GA_in_GA says:

    That is a very serious offense! I hope you have contacted the local police or sheriff. Chances are that others are also having problems

    I am surprised the dogs did not bark

  3. gogirl51 says:

    Please be safe. So sorry.

  4. JudyT says:

    Wow, that is crazy, yes do stay safe.

  5. tractor57 says:

    Locally we have someone selling butchered cows for $250 for the cow. No one knows were the cows come from so speculation is either stolen or downer cows. Either way not a good thing. With such we all are watching the herds more closely. I lease my pastures but I also help watch the herd here.

    Any chance the critters had learned how to open the gates? I have seen that here.

  6. tractor57 says:

    I have seen some horses who could manage that trick but no cows or goats.

  7. fowlers says:

    HMMMMM….things that make ya go HMMMMMMM. Yep that’s reason to shoot first and ask questions later.. :devil2: ..stay safe my friend

  8. Michelle On Brown Croft Acre says:

    Wow! I think I would have installed a discreet security camera before I padlocked it! lol. And maybe a little hidden alarm. But I live in an area that I would think it was more than a prank and would want to catch the person for fear that it would escalate. Glad all the cows are safe!

  9. Joell says:

    It is the world we live in today, you have to lock up everthing, sounds like maybe a jealous someone in your neck of the woods, who knows? A good pad lock is worth it weight in gold, provided you have that locked up too!

  10. denisestone says:

    Wth? Who would do this? It is not like you get a lot of traffic up there. Where is 52? Has his whereabouts been accounted for?

  11. bbkrehmeyer says:

    Glad the girls are safe. Moon pie is so cute,it’s a wonder they didn’t take her.. Hope you catch the buggers.

  12. MousE says:

    That’s quite disturbing! Perhaps a camera focussed on that area would be helpful. Have you spoken to the local authorities?

  13. wkyangel says:

    I’ve owned my homestead here for 3 years now, and have had nothing but misery from a neighbor. I’ve installed trail cams and security cameras, posted no trespassing signs everywhere, and yet he still manages to come and go as he pleases, usually leaving behind sabotage in his wake. Just a very spiteful person! My favorite sign is, “Due to the increasing cost of ammunition, I’m no longer to give a warning shot. Thanks for your understanding!” Hope this gives you some ideas…. I hope your problem is easier to resolve than mine has been.

  14. joykenn says:

    Very disturbing. Some folks think the country is peaceful and benign but people are the same whether city or country. Some are mean, some are nasty and spiteful and some like to cause trouble for others.

    Its sad to have to lock things up but increasingly necessary everywhere. Hope he doesn’t get into your barn or house. Take care Suzanne and you too wkyangel.

  15. Dghawk says:

    I’m sure young pranksters around here do the same thing, Although I personally have never had the problem. What they are more prone to do in the spring is bash in mailboxes.

    I have 3 solutions to your problem: 1) As someone mentioned above, install an infrared motion detector camera, 2) Hide in the shadows with your shotgun and wait for them, or 3) Combine solutions 1&2. :devil:

  16. zteagirl71 says:

    WTH!? :shocked: What is wrong with people these days? Well, thank God for Jim, and wield that shotgun cowgirl! 😉

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