Almost Ready for the Reveal


We’ve been busy little bees!

The camper interior remodel is almost completed. The big reveal will be in just a few days. I’m very excited about it!

Mason and the Mess


This is Mason.

Mason and his brother Brandon have done quite a bit of work for us over the past year, and currently Mason is #1 man on the camper makeover.

Mason and Brandon are contractors, and Mason is doing the major construction (and re-construction) as well as testing the gas, electric, and water in the camper. (You can see some hints of the new look in these pictures.)

He is SO messy!

Okay, this is not his fault. We TOLD him to tear the camper apart! That’s an entire wagon-load of debris that came from the tear-out. The camper should be finished by next week sometime, and I’ll have After pics! I’m SO excited. It looks beautiful already.

July 15, 2018 - Camper Flip

This is a project we’ve just started! We’re remodeling this 1984 Scotty camper–with an eye to flipping it, but in case we don’t sell it, we’re also remodeling it with an eye to using it, so we’re restoring it in a way that we would love if we were doing it just for ourselves. We’re...
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May 18, 2018 - The Boys, An Update!

Look who we have here! Weston! Weston finished his four-year stint in the Army just in time for his 25th birthday. That’s right, he’s 25. Boggle! So here’s the Weston update: He’s 25. (Did I already say that? I’m still shocked.) If you’ll recall, he started college at WVU Morgantown on a full National Merit...
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May 11, 2018 - A Beautiful Bread

I just took this bread out of the oven. Now I think, what did I know about bread before? Apparently–NOTHING. Because my bread never looked like this before. Now I begin from scratch. I have discovered true artisan bread.