The Pasture Babes


Responding to recent inquiries! Here are the pretty horses. Shortcake and Zip are doing fine. Morgan has been very busy with volleyball this fall, and I lost my borrowed saddle–the person I was borrowing it from needed it back! I loved that saddle…. It was a nice, worn leather saddle that was just right. Sigh! But alas, it didn’t belong to me. I haven’t gotten another one yet, so no riding right now.

Meanwhile, this weekend–practicing with my new shotgun, and a pie-palooza. I’ll report on that later!


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  1. lattelady says:

    You can always learn to ride bareback. 😉 My late great uncle was a cavalry man in WW1, and said if you learn a good seat bareback, you will always be able to ride well. I learned bareback, using a hackamore on a young appaloosa straight off of the Nez Perce reservation.
    Or use a surcingle on a blanket.
    Good to see Shortcake and Zip. Looks as if both of them had a good summer.

  2. Joell says:

    What a couple of beautiful ladies!

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