Patriot Is Here!


He’s here! He’s here! Morgan is in HEAVEN. (More tomorrow.)


  1. Darlene says:

    He’s beautiful! Something certainly has his attention. Was the queen holding court without him?

  2. MousE says:



  3. wildcat says:

    Welcome home, Patriot!!!

  4. BuckeyeGirl says:

    He looks great and I hope Morgan has a good sleeping bag so she doesn’t get too cold when she sleeps out in the barn!

    I also meant to tell you sooner, be sure if he likes goats or not. I once had a horse who hated goats. (no idea why) but he’d really go after any goat that got close enough for him to bite.

  5. yvonnem says:

    That is one lucky horse!

  6. Karen H says:

    I am so happy for all of you

  7. Miss Judy says:

    That’s one happy girl and one lucky horse!

  8. Suekov says:

    He’s lovely. Please, please don’t leave the halter on him when not attended. Horses scratch their face with their hind foot and it’s not all that uncommon to get a hoof, with or without a shoe caught in the halter. If it were a leather halter it would break but a nylon halter will not. The horse will struggle and likely die trying to free himself. I would hate for Morgan to go to the barn in the morning to find her new best friend dead in the pasture or stall. I’m 65 years old, had horses since I was 3 so I know of which I speak. I still ride an Arabian mare and plan to continue till I can’t crawl up there anymore. I hope Morgan is as lucky.

  9. CATRAY44 says:

    So very happy for all of you!

  10. enjay says:

    Congratulations! I would suggest that Morgan not actually sleep IN the stall. Besides the risk of being stepped on, horses do poop and pee, frequently. Trust me when I say that’s not a happy making experience. However, an opened bail of straw laid out in front of his stall door makes a very nice base for a sleeping bag, especially if you tuck a sturdy sheet or blanket over top of it to control the poky bits.

  11. lilys says:

    That is a beautiful horse! Congats!

  12. annag says:

    Congrats; I was also going to say – please do not leave the halter on him when he is not attended and grazing etc. It’s dangerous as Suekov has already stated. Especially a nylon halter as these don’t tear/break like a leather one will/would – regardless it’s bad horsemanship to leave it on all the time.

    Also glad to hear she’s getting a helmet!

  13. Bev in CA says:

    A beautiful picture!

  14. Jane L says:

    Congrats Morgan, he is a beauty! I think it is wonderful that you’ve been afforded the opportunity to own a horse/ride as there is nothing like it. I am REALLY glad that you’re getting a horse too Suzanne. You will love riding your range!!

  15. liz2 says:

    Beautiful girl & her handsome horse.

  16. mnmom24 says:

    Hi, Congrats on the horse, have fun and be safe. I want to second the idea of taking off that halter!! I have had to cut one off a horse while it was thrashing about with its foot stuck in the halter.
    It was a friends horse and she did not believe me that it could cause trouble. Luckily we were there and able to free it, or she would have had a dead horse.

    • Suzanne McMinn says:

      Yes, we took off the halter, please don’t worry. He JUST GOT HERE in this photo. He had been loaded and unloaded from a trailer. He came with this halter. (Though I do think it’s a cute halter! Love the polka dots.)

  17. angiemay says:

    Tears! Hooray!!!! So happy 🙂

  18. mschrief says:

    Congrats, Morgan!

    A girl and her horse, it’s a beautiful thing.

  19. Hlhohnholz says:

    LOVE that halter! It speaks volumes for how this guy is gonna live in his new home. 🙂 Can’t wait until Zip gets to come too.

  20. Tinia at Lucas Farm says:

    Thank you Suzanne for giving one of our rescue boys a forever home!

  21. holstein woman says:

    Very nice couple. I’m so glad you and he have each other.

  22. Gardengirl1 says:

    Welcome home Patriot ! I have a feeling you are going to be one happy horse ! So happy for all of you !!! 🙂 :fairy:

  23. Rose H says:

    He’s gorgeous! Welcome to your new, loving home Patriot :wave: I KNOW you’ll be happy there. :yes:

  24. Karen Patrick says:


  25. shirley T says:

    A girl and her horse~~~How Beautiful~~~ nothing more needs
    to be said.

  26. Flowerpower says:

    Do you think that horse has a clue just how lucky he is? I feel sure it’s a welcome change from what he has known in the past. Maybe they are both very lucky indeed! :happyflower:

  27. SusieD says:

    Patriot is a beautiful horse! I’m excited for Morgan.

  28. yvonnem says:

    “Thank you Suzanne for giving one of our rescue boys a forever home! Tinia at Lucas Farm”

    And Thank You Tinia for doing what you do! Suzanne wrote an outstanding article about it in the Charleston Daily Mail.

    Everything going on at Sassafras Farm is so exciting and wonderful and GOOD!!

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