Patriot Makes a Move


After I decided I’d had enough poop in the yard from the mowers, I moved Jack, Poky, Patriot, and Buttercup to the upper pasture. Turns out, Patriot doesn’t really like cows, however, so today Morgan walked Patriot out the road and around to the intended horse field. It’s filled with green grass–and there are no cute lil heifers in there, so he should be happy.

Jack and Poky are flexible, but in the end, I decided to leave them with Buttercup. She is but a baby, so I hate to leave her in the upper pasture alone. Patriot gets plenty of daily attention, so he will just have to enjoy his big field of green grass alone until Zip comes.

In other news, my fruit trees arrived, so there will be fruit tree planting on the agenda this week!


  1. banjodown says:

    What kind of fruit trees are you planting?

  2. lattelady says:

    Will you be taking riding lessons also?

  3. DancesInGarden says:

    How does one know that their horse does not like cows, exactly LOL? I am so jealous for the fruit trees. Our house lot is way too small to accomodate anything. But I have dreams of more land with fruit and nut trees.

  4. jamitysmom says:

    Ha! I can just see Patriot chasing poor Buttercup around the field! Poor Buttercup. It’s good that you have so many pastures there, Suzanne! Looking forward to the Retreat and I hope to meet Patriot and all of your critters – and you, of course 😆

  5. holstein woman says:

    My donkey doesn’t like cows and he used to put them in the corner and kick heck out of them. Your place is so beautiful.

  6. KarenAnne says:

    DancesInGarden, Try trees on dwarf rootstock.

  7. bonita says:

    While Patriot may need extra tender care because of recent hardships, it sounds like he’s quite able to take advantage of the situation. Seems a bit of a bully. Hope you folks are up to rehabilitating him.

  8. riderofchaos says:

    I assume you are aware of horses and founder, but just to be on the safe side, you are aware that a horse, particularly a smaller horse like Patriot, can’t be on too much grass or they will founder. Particularly fresh rich green spring grass that’s high in sugar content.

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